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“The Gig is one of my favorite newsletters. The length is perfect- not too long, not too short. The contents are always super interesting, valuable, and easy to read. 10/10”

— Mark Langley

“I look forward to reading the Gig every morning.  The amount of information is easily digestible and the gifs always make me laugh! Keep up the great work!”

— Rebecca Shantz

“Loving the The Gig so far. Some great insights in every letter! Keep em’ coming!”

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“I love the Gig, it’s the only newsletter I read every day! My favorite parts are the client tips and advertising tips. They are always actionable and I have a folder in my GDrive of “The Gig” resources and tips. 

Also, the software plugs are cool too and I check those out.

The news side I don’t pay much attention to but it’s a good way to get an at glance view of what’s going on in the industry.

Keep it up! It’s great to see that it’s growing so much :)”

— Mac Magyaros

“Thanks for the daily helpful freelancing info! It’s my favorite email to read in the mornings. 

As a freelancer, it can feel like you work in your own bubble sometimes and this newsletter helps me feel more connected to a community. Thanks for the tips :)” 

— Amy Auble

“Amazing content as always and it’s super revealing and educational. I love how engaging your contents are. I really do. Thank you for taking the time to share and taking the time to care. There goes an honest feedback guys, I just love the Gig”

— Yemi Badmus

“What I love most is The Gig’s mail (Buyer’s Remorse) detailing a step by step method to win clients trust (especially a first time client) and turn them into repeated buyers.

Thanks Jim Hamilton & Dorothy Hollabaugh for the freelancing tips provided so far.

Looking forward to reading more of The Gig emails.”

— Habeeb Adeyinka