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Happy Thursday! After being delayed four times, NASA’s new Artemis I rocket finally took off from Cape Canaveral early yesterday morning. Its 25-day mission will take it past the Moon before circling back to splash down in the Pacific Ocean on December 11.

Mentioned in today’s edition: Twitter, Elon Musk, AVODs, FASTs, and Acast. Plus how to avoid becoming a jack of all trades and master of none, 14 books that helped build a $30 million dollar company, and the one thing all A-List marketing minds have in common.

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Making the Rounds

  • Elon issues “hardcore” ultimatum to Twitter staff. Employees were given the choice to sign a pledge committing to a new Twitter that would be “extremely hardcore” or take 3 months severance and quit.
  • 23% of U.S. ad-supported TV users engage with ads. Looking for a new placement to run traffic on? A recent survey of people who use either ad-supported video-on-demand  platforms (AVODs) like Netflix or free, ad-supported streaming services (FASTs) like Samsung TV Plus found that 23% of U.S. users often click on ads and buy products they see advertised. Bottom line: TV ads still work.
  • Acast launches keyword targeting for podcast ads. Up until now, podcast advertising has been stuck in the Stone Age, with most advertisers having to place ads manually by contacting the show host or platform. But the rush to roll out programmatic podcast ads is accelerating, as Acast is launching the ability to target specific keywords based on advanced speech-to-text transcription technology.

Working With Clients

How to Avoid Becoming a Jack of All Trades and Master of None

One of the most important ways to specialize as a service provider is by focusing on one of the Big 3 markets:

The Big 3 are:

1) Health

2) Wealth

3) Relationships

These are universal desires we all share. 

As markets, they’re constantly refreshing themselves.

Old consumers exit the market as new consumers enter it.

Now, you can go even deeper by specializing in a sub-market or a niche…

For example, within health, you could drill down by specializing in keto diets or bodyweight training.

And in wealth, you could specialize in gold and silver investing or penny stocks.

But until you’ve built up a big track record, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to fill your schedule with client work from just ONE sub-market or niche…

That’s why it’s best to focus on the market instead.

It’s broad enough to offer a ton of opportunities, but specific enough to give you an advantage as a specialist.

So decide which one you’re most interested in or have the most experience with…

And turn it into your specialty.

Not only will this help you attract higher-paying clients and charge more for your services…

But you’ll also save time on research…

So you can increase your output and your income.

Working For Yourself

14 Books That Helped Build This $30M Per Year Company

Books are one of the most cost-effective ways to upgrade your skills.

Especially if you’ve got more time than money available to invest in your freelance business.

But let’s be honest…

Not all books on business and entrepreneurship are worth reading.

So if you’re looking for top-tier recommendations you can trust… 

Check out the YouTube video below from Cole Gordon, CEO of Closers dot io, to discover the 14 books that helped him build a $30m per year company from scratch.

Click here to give it a watch:

[WATCH]: These 14 Books Made Me $36,000,000

Tools We Love

The One Thing All A-List Marketing Minds Have in Common

What’s the secret to becoming an A-List marketing mind?

Is it…

A) Going for long walks

B) Reading books

C) Taking courses from your favorite guru

D) Staring into the void until an idea appears


None of the above.

Instead, it’s taking the time to write your ideas down when they show up.

As productivity expert David Allen says, your mind is for having ideas, not holding them.

And if you want to free up the mental processing power you need to come up with ideas that consistently make you and your clients money…

You should aim to hold onto your ideas for as little time as possible.

That’s where Evernote comes in.

It’s a free, easy-to-use note taking app that lets you:

  • Keep important info handy with notes that sync automatically to all your devices
  • Remember everything by adding text, images, audio, scans, PDFs, and documents
  • Find things fast with powerful and flexible search capabilities (including tags, tasks, and notebooks)
  • And more

Start capturing better notes today:

Click here to try Evernote for free.

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Quote of the Day

“Over the long run, the unglamorous habit of frequency fosters both productivity and creativity.”

— Gretchen Rubin

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