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Happy Tuesday! We’re almost at the end of Q1. Hopefully your 2022 is off to a great start 💪

Here’s the latest…

Freelance Economy News

  • Air travel is slowly getting back to normal. London’s Heathrow Airport, along with a handful of British airlines, are dropping face mask requirements. Count us in — we’re looking forward to no more aching ears. But if you’re planning to travel and work remotely for the first time, make sure to check out our Working For Yourself tip further down.

  • Meta to introduce contextual ad placement options later this year. After removing hundreds of targeting options over the last two years, Meta is finally throwing advertisers a bone. They plan to introduce new content tools to help companies prevent their ads from being displayed next to “unsuitable content” such as war or politics.

  • Crypto adoption runs high among content creators. A recent PCMag survey of digital creators found over 50% own cryptocurrency.

Working With Clients

The Easiest Way to Get Fired

Unlike high school, “my dog ate my homework” doesn’t cut it when you’re a working freelancer. So if you want to get 5-star reviews, referrals, and repeat work from high-quality clients, the recipe is simple:

Don’t miss deadlines.

It sounds simple, we know — but trust us… getting your work in on time will instantly set you apart from the competition. 

Don’t believe it? Try hiring a freelancer and see for yourself.

Working For Yourself

Spotted: A Day in the Life of a Digital Nomad

If you’ve been dreaming of working from a beach in Bali, here’s a quick tip that could save you a lot of hassles and headaches:

Do a short test-drive (1-2 weeks) before you commit to a long working trip (1-3+ months).

It may look glamorous on Instagram…

But working from exotic locations while everyone else is in vacation mode can be pretty tough. And staying up late to take client calls when you’d rather be sipping pina coladas by the pool is no fun either.

So we recommend you give it a try it for seven days before you take off for six months. 

From The Copywriting Gig

The ABCs of Silky Smooth Sales Copy

Looking to level up your copywriting chops?

Smooth transitions are what separate crappy copy from A-List material.

That’s why legendary copywriter Joe Sugarman coined the concept of the “slippery slide.” Ideally, your copy should be so easy to read that the reader literally slides down to the end without even trying.

And just like learning your ABCs for the first time…

The best way to master this is by reading your copy out loud.

Then smooth out anything that sounds funny or feels abrupt with transition phrases like:

  • In fact
  • Because
  • That’s why
  • In other words
  • What this means is

Quote of the Day

“If you are not embarrassed by the first version of your product, you’ve launched too late.” — Reid Hoffman