🩸There’s blood in the Excel sheets

Happy Wednesday! If today is Hump Day, let’s hope for an easy slide down the Thursday-Friday slope and into the weekend.

Here’s what’s going on…

Making the Rounds

  • Big tech companies shed over $1 trillion in market value. Since the Fed raised interest rates last Wednesday, the stock market has been a bloodbath. Companies like Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, and Tesla have lost over $1 trillion in market value. Our advice? Avoid checking your portfolio if you can.

  • Apple targeting expansions into streaming and advertising with its Services division. The iPhone maker is reportedly gearing up to make plays for a variety of sports broadcasting deals as rights come up for renewal, following its deal for Friday night baseball. Bottom line: they’re not against ads so much as they’re against… other companies making money from ads 🙃

  • Meta’s belt-tightening may extend to news partnerships. Looking for ways to cut costs across the board, Meta may reduce the money it gives to news organizations.

Working With Clients

What Makes a Great Hook, Email, or Ad Angle

Mainstream wisdom is everywhere.

Your audience is bombarded with the same advice all the time.

But what sets you (or your client) apart from everyone else is where they disagree.

So ask yourself: what controversial opinions can I highlight?

What mainstream advice do I (or my client) DISAGREE with?

That’s often what makes for the best hooks, emails, or ad angles.

Now, a caveat:

You need to be able to make a logical case for why you disagree.

Don’t just disagree to be a contrarian or to grab attention… unless you can back it up.

Working For Yourself

Triangulating the Fulfillment Trifecta

Finding fulfillment is something many freelancers struggle with in their careers.

If you’re one of them…

Look for work that aligns with these three things:

1 – What you enjoy doing

2 – What you’re good at

3 – What you can get paid for

We like to think of this as the “fulfillment trifecta.”

Pursuing a paycheck at the cost of personal enjoyment is just as bad as choosing a career you enjoy or are good at, but has minimal market demand.

The road to happiness starts by finding alignment between all three.

From The Copywriting Gig

The Shortcut to Making 120k/yr as a Freelance Copywriter

Specializing as a copywriter is one of the fastest ways to hit 6-figures.

And when you boil it down…

There are only two ways freelance copywriters can specialize:

#1: Market specialization

This refers to the audience you’re writing for.

The “big 3” are: health, wealth, and relationships.

#2: Task specialization

This refers to the specific deliverables you’re responsible for, such as:

– Facebook ads
– Emails
– Sales letters
– Video scripts
– etc

If you’re wondering which one is more important…

Or which one you should tackle first…

Go here:

This Twitter thread explains exactly how to specialize as a copywriter so you can go from zero to 10k/m and beyond.

Quote of the Day

“It’s not about money or connections – it’s the willingness to outwork and outlearn everyone.”

Mark Cuban