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Happy Wednesday! The consumer price index report that came out yesterday revealed inflation has no chill, and promptly sent the stock market down over 1,300 points. Turns out we may not be out of the woods just yet.

Mentioned in today’s edition: Instagram Reels, TikTok, Meta. Plus the easiest way to look unprofessional, a no-cost productivity hack, and 4 buying triggers to make the cash register ring.

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Making the Rounds

  • Instagram Reels lag behind TikTok. Reels are averaging just 17.6 million hours per day of watch time, while TikTok users spend 197.8 million hours per day on its platform, according to the WSJ.
  • Meta looks for more ways to cut costs. The next step is reportedly to merge the content moderation teams for ads and organic content. This means everyday users will now get to enjoy the same high-quality service advertisers and business owners have come to know and love 🙃
  • Podcasts coming to redesigned Twitter spaces. The new features are rolling out to Twitter Blue subscribers on iOS first, with Android subscribers to follow. Users will also be able to group content together through a new Stations hub, featuring music, news, sports and more.

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Working With Clients

The Easiest Way to Look Unprofessional

One of the most efficient ways to communicate with clients is by recording screencast videos with tools like Loom or SnagIt.

Client work typically involves a lot of troubleshooting, walkthroughs, and back and forths…

So being able to send screencast videos makes collaborating a helluva lot easier…

And cuts down on the need for calls or meetings.

Asynchronous communication FTW 🙌

However, something important to keep in mind is how you sound.

Invest in a decent pair of headphones (or better yet, a proper USB microphone) to make sure you sound good in videos and on calls with clients.

You never know when your client may forward your video onto their friend, colleague, or boss to get their input…

And there’s nothing worse than having to watch or listen to someone go on and oooon with a crappy mic.

So don’t be that person 😉

Working For Yourself

Nothing Tastes Better Than Working in a Clean Office

Workspace distractions sap your focus.

And while a cluttered desk may not *always* be the sign of a cluttered mind…

We’re firm believers in keeping your physical workspace organized.

As David Allen, productivity expert and author of Getting Things Done, says:

“When your space is filled up with things you haven’t organized, all of those things are constantly ‘yelling’ at you.”

So, if your office looks like a disaster…

Carve out 15 minutes to tidy it up this week and see how it affects your productivity.

Because not even a slice of Doug Ford’s cherry pie beats the feeling of getting sh*t done in a clean office.

From The Copywriting Gig

4 Buying Triggers to Make the Cash Register Ring

Want to learn a simple trick to sell more stuff?

When it comes to buying decisions, human psychology isn’t as complicated as you think.

If you can position your offer as…

  • New
  • Fast
  • Cheap
  • Easy

… then you’ll have no trouble making the cash register ring off the hook.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re selling lawn mowers or light bulbs…

Because we’re hardwired to want things that check all four boxes.

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Quote of the Day

“Above everything else I’ve done, I’ve always said I’ve had more guts than I’ve got talent.”

— Dolly Parton