🌧️ When it rains, it pours

Happy Friday! Tech companies continue to report earnings this week, giving us a fresh look at how the industry is holding up in the face of inflation, rising interest rates, and decreasing consumer spending. Spoiler alert: so far, not so good.

Mentioned in this edition: Meta, TikTok, Apple, Shopify, Twitter, and Elon Musk. Plus 11 ways to land more clients on Upwork in 2022, how to finish every week on a high note, and controversial advice for anyone running a VSL funnel.

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Making the Rounds

  • Meta shares plummet after bad quarterly report. When it rains, it pours. Between competition from TikTok, pressure from Apple, slowdown in the digital ad market, and a jaw-dropping investment to build out the metaverse, times are tough for Zuck and co. The company’s stock plummeted over 22% yesterday after they reported Q3 earnings.
  • Shopify reports net loss of $158.4 million in Q3. Meta’s not the only Big Tech company struggling right now. Shopify went from reporting a net profit of $1.15 billion this time last year, to actually losing money in Q3 2022. Looks like the pandemic-era boom in ecommerce has officially worn off.
  • ‘Chief Twit’ Elon Musk visits Twitter HQ as he prepares to take over. With his takeover bid set to close today, Elon updated his bio to “Chief Twit” and visited Twitter headquarters on Wednesday. Banks have reportedly begun sending over the $13B they’ve committed to help him finance the deal. 

Working With Clients

11 Ways to Land More Clients On Upwork in 2022

Whether you’re new to freelancing or a seasoned vet…

Upwork is one of our favorite places to find clients.

It lets you filter for paying clients who are looking to hire ASAP…

And in our experience, many 7-figure and 8-figure business owners actually PREFER to hire from a freelancing platform like Upwork vs a direct referral.


Because they can evaluate your track record, look at past reviews, and see how you stack up against the competition.

Not to mention…

For business owners without a strong network, freelancing platforms like Upwork are sometimes the only option.

So, if you’re looking to land more gigs on the platform…

Check out this article for 11 ways to win more business:

[READ]: How to Get More Jobs on Upwork in 2022

Working For Yourself

How to Finish Every Week on a Low High Note

Spoiler alert:

The 4-Hour Work Week is not realistic for most of us.

(It’s still a great book, though.)

And while even a 4-day work week would be a major upgrade from spending a full 5 days at the slag heap every single week…

Here’s a simple hack that can make the workweek easier to bear:

Structure your workload so you start strong but then taper down throughout the week.

This means stacking Mondays with as much work as you can possibly handle to get ahead and create a buffer…

Then slowly and steadily taking your foot off the gas…

So Friday can be a much more leisurely work day and you can finish the work week on a low high note.

Here’s what it might look like in application:

  • Monday: 10-12 hours
  • Tuesday:  8-10 hours
  • Wednesday: 8-10 hours
  • Thursday: 6-8 hours
  • Friday: 4-6 hours

Now, will this be possible every week?


And it’s probably not for everyone.

But if you struggle with the monotony of a uniform work week or have ever wanted to shake up your schedule…

Give this a try.

Easing into the weekend with a lighter and/or shorter Friday can feel mighty nice.

From The Paid Ads Gig

Controversial Advice For Anyone Running a VSL Funnel

The main conversion mechanism in a sales funnel is usually a sales letter, webinar, or VSL.

But is it the most important one?

Not always — and here’s why:

Your ad determines WHO you’re bringing in and WHAT their expectations are.

Get it wrong, and it may not matter how good your main conversion mechanism is.

Especially if you’re selling a high-ticket product or service.

So while you can split test landing pages, order forms, and button copy until the cows come home…

Truth is, the #1 biggest lever you can pull when it comes to the performance of your funnel…

(aside from your sales letter, VSL, or webinar)

Is your ad.

Nail that and everything else downstream gets much easier.

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