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Mentioned in today’s edition: Online shopping, Twitter, and Elon Musk. Plus an ethical dilemma for direct response marketers, redefining happy hour, and one thing you owe your clients & colleagues if you like working from coffee shops.

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Making the Rounds

  • 80% of millennials now do most of their shopping online, study finds. The pandemic led to a 4X increase, as the 2019 report found only 20% reported doing most of their shopping online. Plus now over half of millennials’ online purchases take place mobile. Moral of the story: make sure your web and funnel pages look good on phones and tablets.
  • Twitter shareholders approve Elon’s takeover bid. 98.6% of votes cast in a special meeting were in favor of the deal, which experts have described as a grossly inflated price, especially now in light of the recent downturn in the stock market. On a related note…
  • Twitter whistleblower’s testimony fails to deliver ammo for Elon. Peiter “Mudge” Zatko alleged the platform had not been truthful about the number of bot and spam accounts, a claim Elon seized on in hopes of strengthening his argument before his case with Twitter proceeds to trial. But Zatko’s testimony before Congress this week failed to deliver the smoking gun evidence Elon was probably hoping for.

Working With Clients

Only You Can Decide

The global freelance market is projected to hit $455 billion by 2023.

And over 70% of U.S small businesses report hiring freelancers in the past year…

Which means:

Job opportunities are exploding.

But here’s an important factor you may not have considered:

Do prospective clients align with YOUR values?

For example, work in the direct response marketing world can be a double-edged sword…

As an industry, it offers one of the fastest paths to six figures and beyond.

But it’s also got some of the shadiest practices:

  • Fake countdown timers
  • Falsified testimonials
  • Photoshopped before and after pictures
  • Etc

We’re not here to judge…

Instead, we simply want to point out that it’s up to you to decide what you’re comfortable with.

So make sure you know where you stand before you find yourself in a situation where you’re forced to compromise on your ethics or values to get the job done.

Working For Yourself

Redefining Happy Hour

Do you know what your chronotype is?

According to Healthline, a chronotype is “…a person’s circadian typology or the individual differences in activity and alertness in the morning and evening.”

In other words…

Your chronotype reflects when your most creative and productive hours are.

For some of us, that’s typically between 6 and 9 AM.

But for you, it might be later in the day.

Either way, the bottom line is:

Find out what time of day you’re usually at your best, and protect those hours.

Because not all time is made equal.

And the secret to maintaining peak productivity is focusing on energy — not time.

Tools We Love

One Thing You Owe Your Clients & Colleagues If You Like Working From Coffee Shops

Ever been on call with someone who had lots of background noise?

It sucks.

But… it’s even worse when you’re the one with the bad background noise.

Fortunately, that’s where Krisp comes in.

It’s a free software solution that completely eliminates background noise.

And when we say completely, we mean it.

Whether it’s a barking dog, crying baby, or the hustle and bustle of your local Starbucks…

Krisp uses AI technology to cut out background noises from your mic and speaker so you (and more importantly, your clients and colleagues) can finally enjoy distraction-free calls.

Try Krisp for free today.

Gig Alerts

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Quote of the Day

“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.”

— George Bernard Shaw