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Mentioned in today’s newsletter: Horizon Worlds, Apple, Google, The OG App and high-earning consumers. Plus a luxury you should be able to afford in your freelance business, how to get rich in the new economy, and a simple time-saving hack for just $3.33/mo.

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Making the Rounds

  • Horizon Worlds placed on “quality lockdown.” Mark Zuckerberg’s mission to conquer the metaverse has met with a few bumps in the road. The latest is that Meta’s VR platform, Horizon Worlds, is apparently so buggy that employees won’t even use it.
  • High-earning consumers are still shopping for the holidays, they’re just doing it earlier. According to new research from the National Retail Federation, 44% of those earning over $100,000 say it’s better to buy gifts now, as they expect inflation to continue driving prices up through till the end of the year.
  • Apple and Google ban The OG App from their respective app stores. The OG App promised users an ad-free and suggestion-free Instagram feed. But after attracting 25,000 downloads, the app has been removed by both Apple and Google for violating Instagram’s terms of service. We’ll file that one under painfully obvious “somewhat predictable.”

Working With Clients

Is This a Luxury You Can Afford in Your Freelance Business?

One of the most controversial freelancing topics is whether to work for free or not.

As a wise man once said, “if you’re good at something, never do it for free.”

But on the flip side…

How are you supposed to land clients with no experience?

It’s a tricky situation. And one that’s more nuanced than most make it out to be.

So here’s our take on the subject:

  • You should never lie about how much (or little) experience you have to a prospective client.
  • The biggest objection most clients have when hiring new freelancers is experience.
  • The easiest way to overcome that objection is to work for free.
  • One way to split the difference is to prepare custom sample pieces and include them in your proposal. This way, you can demonstrate your competence without doing the entire project for free.
  • Be strategic about who you prepare custom samples for. If it’s a big client with lots of potential opportunities for you, then it’s probably worth it. If it’s a brand new solopreneur with nothing more than a blog and a Stripe account, then probably don’t do it.
  • Any work you do for free should be limited in scope.
  • There are bad actors out there who may try to exploit you, so use your judgment and trust your gut.

Bottom line:

Most new freelancers would be better served by checking their ego and working for free to get their foot in the door with legit clients and companies.

Whatever dollar amount you’re getting your knickers in a twist about is likely going to be small potatoes in the long run.

So don’t sweat it.

And focus on doing whatever you can to prove yourself to quality clients.

Working For Yourself

How to Get Rich in the New Economy

The rules of the game have changed

Titans of industry like Andrew Carnegie, J.P. Morgan, and John D. Rockefeller built their fortunes on steel, oil, and manufacturing…

But today’s titans compete for a totally different resource.

In his latest Youtube video, CEO of Acquisition dot com Alex Hormozi reveals what this new “currency” is and how you can leverage it to get ahead in the new economy.

Check it out:

Get Rich in the New Economy [2022]

Tools We Love

Try This Simple Time-Saving Hack For Just $3.33/Mo

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Whether it’s messages to prospects, colleagues, or clients…

Document templates…

Daily reports….

Or even usernames and passwords…

Truth is, all that time spent typing adds up.

That’s why we’re big fans of TextExpander.

TextExpander lets you set up shortcodes and abbreviations to save time on stuff you type.

Once you set it up, all you have to do is type in your shortcode, and TextExpander will automatically paste your text for you.

For just $3.33 per month, we can’t think of a better way to start buying back your time.

Learn more about how to save time with TextExpander.

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Quote of the Day

“The activities you are most afraid of are the activities that can cause a breakthrough in your success. Step into them.”

— Darren Hardy