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Happy Wednesday! Surprise, surprise: NASA’s ill-fated Artemis I rocket launch has been delayed yet again, this time till November. Moral of the story: if you struggle to hit deadlines and work within an allotted budget, there may be a future for you in space.

Mentioned in today’s edition: Twitter, Elon Musk, Tim Cook, Microsoft, and Netflix. Plus why it pays to know someone, a simple trick to avoid putting out sloppy work, and one thing to do before you launch ads.

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Making the Rounds

  • Elon Musk backs down, agrees to buy Twitter for $44B. The Tesla and SpaceX CEO has been playing a game of high-stakes chicken with Twitter as their court date approaches. But now it seems like he’s prepared to accept defeat and close the deal on his original terms.
  • Apple CEO Tim Cook questions the metaverse. Can the metaverse possibly live up to all the hype around it? Tim Cook’s not so sure. At least, he’s unsure the average person even understands what the metaverse is. Not that this has stopped him from investing heavily into augmented reality, with rumors of an Apple AR/VR headset coming in 2023.
  • Analysts expect Netflix will generate $1.7 billion in yearly ad revenue by 2025. The streamer’s new ad-supported tier, currently being spearheaded by Microsoft, is expected to launch later this year with high hopes. For context: Netflix brought in $29.69 billion in revenue in 2021. So the revenue lift is a drop in the bucket. But the company hopes a lower price point will breathe life back into subscriber growth.

Working With Clients

It Pays to Know Someone

Most freelancers tend to overcomplicate the process of getting clients.

So here’s a simple tip to try:

Once you’ve scored a big win for a new client and asked them for a video testimonial…

Ask them for a referral.

Keep it simple and straightforward by saying something like…

“Given how we’ve been able to [achieve client’s desired result], I wondered if you might know anyone else looking to [achieve desired result]. I’m looking to fill a spot on my client roster and I’d love to help someone in your network achieve similar results.”

That’s it.

You can also get creative and incentivize them by offering a discount, gift card, bonus, or referral fee. 

Bottom line is:

Business owners usually have other friends that are business owners.

Plus referred clients are typically much higher-quality than those found via cold outreach or on freelancing platforms.

Not to mention everyone likes to have a guy or gal to recommend.

It allows us to build social capital by playing the connector.

So when it comes to finding new clients, you should always start with your existing client base.

Working For Yourself

When Another Freelancer Asks What the Difference is Between Cold Traffic and Warm Traffic

If you’re a freelance service provider…

Learning new things is essential to staying competitive:

  • New marketing strategies
  • New ad platforms
  • New skills
  • Etc

But don’t let shiny objects distract you too much…

Make sure to review the basics of your profession at least once per year.

We’re willing to bet you’ll be surprised at just how much you’ve forgotten.

And while marketing and advertising are two dynamic industries in constant flux…

The fundamental principles still apply.

There’s no excuse for getting sloppy.

So if it’s been a while since you re-read Breakthrough Advertising, The Ultimate Sales Letter, or any of your favorite business books, carve out some time this month to review them.

From The Paid Ads Gig

Do This One Thing Before Launching New Ad Campaigns

Mobile devices make up about 50% of all internet traffic.

And when it comes to running ads on paid social, that number is closer to 80%+.

That’s why it’s so important to preview ads and landers on mobile before you launch.

Because what looks great on desktop can become a nightmare on mobile.

Always review:

  • Font sizes & spacing
  • Image/video sizes
  • Button sizes
  • Load time

There’s nothing worse than seeing a key part of your image or video is cut off in certain ad placements.

Or that your page won’t even load.

And most page builders give you the ability to set up different displays for desktop and mobile.

So take advantage of it.

In fact, you should probably build your page for mobile first, then adjust it for desktop.

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Quote of the Day

“A bad attitude is like a flat tire; if you don’t change it, you won’t go anywhere”

— Joyce Meyer