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Happy Monday! Reigning F1 world champion Max Verstappen claimed his second title after winning the Japanese Grand Prix yesterday, with 4 races left to go in the season. Up next on the F1 circuit is the United States Grand Prix in Austin, Texas, which drew a record-breaking 400,000+ fans last year.

Mentioned in today’s newsletter: Twitter, Elon Musk, Portugal, and Amazon Prime Day 2. Plus one simple way to attract higher-paying clients, a reality check for anyone suffering from shiny object syndrome, and inside jokes for media buyers.

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Making the Rounds

  • Twitter v Elon Musk trial delayed. Chancellor Kathaleen McCormick chose to grant Elon’s request to delay the trial as the two parties circle back on Musk’s original $44B offer to buy the social media platform, but set a deadline for the deal to close by October 28. If the deal isn’t closed, a November trial will be scheduled.
  • Portugal launches new digital nomad visa. Remote workers earning at least $2,750 per month can apply for the new visa starting on October 30 and stay for a year if approved. Plus, you know what they say: one pastel de nata a day keeps the doctor away.
  • Amazon Prime Day 2 kicks off the holiday shopping season early. The second Prime Day event of the year takes place on October 11-12, as retailers make a holiday shopping push even earlier than usual due to inflation.

Working With Clients

When a New Prospect Asks if You’ve Got Experience Writing For Their Market

One of the most important ways to specialize as a service provider is by focusing on one of the Big 3 markets:

The Big 3 are:

1) Health

2) Wealth

3) Relationships

These are universal desires we all share. 

As markets, they’re constantly refreshing themselves.

Old consumers exit the market as new consumers enter it.

Now, you can go even deeper by specializing in a sub-market or a niche…

For example, within health, you could drill down by specializing in keto diets or bodyweight training.

And in wealth, you could specialize in gold and silver investing or penny stocks.

But until you’ve built up a big track record, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to fill your schedule with client work from just ONE sub-market or niche…

That’s why it’s best to focus on the market instead.

It’s broad enough to offer a ton of opportunities, but specific enough to give you an advantage as a specialist.

So decide which one you’re most interested in or have the most experience with…

And turn it into your specialty.

Not only will this help you attract higher-paying clients and charge more for your services…

But you’ll also save time on research…

So you can increase your output and your income.

Working For Yourself

Don’t Be Fooled By the Online Biz Guru’s Company Line

Everyone you meet in life is selling you “their way” — whether they realize it or not.

But don’t forget there are lots of different ways to reach your destination.

Especially in online business.

As Rich Schefren says, it’s all about tradeoffs vs payoffs.

For example:

With ecommerce and affiliate marketing, the results can be quick…

But you’ll need startup capital to fund your paid traffic costs…

And you’ll need to navigate the steep learning curve of how to run paid ads at a profit…

Otherwise you could lose it all.

Plus the margins are typically on the low end, around 15-20%.

With service-based businesses like freelancing, coaching, consulting, or agencies…

You can start landing clients and getting paid with virtually ZERO startup costs…

The margins are much higher…

But that means investing time on cold outreach and freelancing platforms…

Always being on the hunt for the next client…

Plus now you’re on call + have to be available for meetings, answering emails and DMs, etc.

Don’t get us wrong — both businesses can be wildly profitable.

Ultimately though, you have to decide what your priorities are and what you’re willing to sacrifice to achieve them.

Because no business model is all upside.

And measuring yourself based on the games other people play is a recipe for unhappiness.

Figure out what game YOU want to play and commit to it all the way.

From The Paid Ads Gig

Inside Jokes For Media Buyers

Coming up with killer ad ideas doesn’t always require creative genius.

You just have to be savvy enough to save a great ad when you see one in the wild.

Add one new ad to your swipe file every day and you’ll never lack for creative ideas.

Whether it’s going to the Facebook Ad Library and checking in on your favorite advertisers (because you do keep a list of them, right?)…

Or simply grabbing a screenshot when you see a killer ad in your news feed…. 

It only takes a few minutes each day.

Get yourself a tool like SnagIt and/or the GoFullPage Chrome extension and you’re all set..

Gig Alerts

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Quote of the Day

“There is no breakthrough without a breakdown.”

— Tony Robbins