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Mentioned in today’s edition: Microsoft, DALL-E 2, PCs, ByteDance, and Spotify. Plus why working for whales is the best way to make a splash, the $10 million dollar sales process, and our favorite solution for ironclad freelance contracts.

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Making the Rounds

  • Microsoft integrating AI image generator DALL-E 2 into new free and paid tools. After making a big investment in the AI-powered system, Microsoft users will soon be able to use DALL-E 2 through both Designer (its new paid Canva competitor) as well as Image Creator (a new free tool launching to Bing and Edge browsers very soon). So if you’ve been eager to play around with it, you may not have to wait much longer.
  • Global PC shipments fall 15% in Q3 2022. Another sign an economic downturn may be upon us: PC shipments were down 15% year-over-year last quarter.
  • ByteDance planning to expand music streaming business. Spotify may be next on theTikTok hit list: parent company ByteDance has reportedly been meeting with music labels about its music streaming service, Resso. Currently, Resso is only available in India, Indonesia and Brazil. But the company is aiming to launch it worldwide so TikTok users can discover songs and quickly subscribe to new artists. Sounds like a potentially deadly combination to us.

Working With Clients

Why Working For Whales is the Best Way to Make a Splash

If you want to accelerate your freelance career, you need to rack up wins as fast as possible.

Wins are like jet fuel.

They’re what allow you to raise your rates, generate more referrals, and close more clients.

So… what’s the fastest way to rack up wins?

Working for whale clients.

And the reason why is simple…

It’s because bigger companies can afford to spend more on marketing.

You may have an easier time convincing a local business to hire you if you’re brand new…

And you may be tempted to seek the path of less resistance in those early stages…

But big companies ALWAYS make better clients:

Here’s why:

1 – Their products and services have already been validated by the market (people want them)

2 – They usually have lots of existing assets for you to work with (copy, videos, past promotions, etc)

3 – They’re used to spending money on marketing (and freelancers)

Now, is it harder to land bigger companies as clients?

Sometimes, but not always.

We’re not talking about getting hired on as the Chief Marketing Officer here.

It might just be writing a few emails or building a few landing pages for them.

Just enough to get your foot in the door.

And big companies have a massive, ongoing need for these types of assets.

So here’s a pro tip to help you seal the deal: 

Put together custom sample pieces for every big client you’re pitching free of charge.

This delivers value up front and will help you immediately stand out.

Apply this strategy, focus on landing big companies as clients, and watch your track record explode. 

Working For Yourself

The $10 Million Dollar Sales Process

Paging the sales department…

… Oh wait — that’s you 😉

Because let’s be honest: running a freelance business means you work in sales.

It doesn’t mean you have to become a sleazy used-car salesman…

But if you want to make more money, have more freedom, and reap the rewards of entrepreneurship…

Then it does mean you need to learn the fundamentals.

In the 20-minute YouTube video below, CEO of Closers dot io Cole Gordon reveals his entire step-by-step sales process responsible for over $10M in sales.

It’s extremely thorough and tactical.

So if you’re looking to feel more comfortable on sales calls…

Not to mention learn how to close more deals with less resistance and rejection…

Check it out here:

[Watch]: The $10 Million Dollar Sales Process

Tools We Love

How Not to Write a Legally-Binding Freelance Contract

Managing contracts is a key part of running a freelance business.

Since you don’t have a company legal or HR department looking out for you…

Your legal protection is entirely up to you.

But asking a prospective client to print out a contract so they can sign it and send it back to you is so 2004.

Enter HelloSign.

HelloSign lets you send out contracts and request legally binding signatures in seconds.

With it, you can set up templates, streamline the signature process, and easily access every signed contract you’ve ever received from anywhere.

Start your free 30-day trial of HelloSign today.

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Quote of the Day

“There are no rules. That is how art is born, how breakthroughs happen. Go against the rules or ignore the rules. That is what invention is about.”

— Helen Frankenthaler