🕹️Slowdown in the metaverse

Happy Friday! TGIF. We’re officially ready for the sun and warm weather. Aaaaanytime now.

While we wait out the spring that never ends, here’s what’s happening.

Making the Rounds

  • Meta pumps the brakes on metaverse investments. Despite beating expectations for daily active users and earnings per share this quarter, Meta is slowing the pace of some of its investments in the metaverse. Reality Labs, the company’s VR/AR division, posted a loss of $2.96 billion in Q1 2022, up from $1.83 billion in Q1 2021.
  • Pinterest can feel TikTok breathing down its neck. “I found it on Pinterest” is old news. Now it’s “TikTok made me buy it.” And Pinterest knows it. They’re shifting focus to new video-based features like Idea Pins to avoid being left in the dust. Considering TikTok’s dominance in the App Store, it may be too little, too late.

  • Twitter shows growth but admits to overcounting users. In what could be its last earnings report as a publicly-traded company, Twitter beat expectations on user growth with 229 million vs 226.9 million expected — but also admitted to overcounting users with multiple accounts linked together since 2019. Woops. Best to get that out there before Elon shows up at HQ with a paintball gun.

Working With Clients

Don’t Bungle it

One of the easiest ways to build trust with prospective clients is to have a step-by-step system for how you’ll complete the project.

Giving them insight into your process will put their mind at ease…

So make sure to share during the interview process or on the sales call.

Pro tip: keep it simple and stick to 3-5 steps or pillars.

Having a step-by-step system implies consistency in your work, because inputs dictate outputs. 

So if the quality of your inputs (aka the process) are consistent, then the quality of your outputs (aka the project deliverables) will be too.

Working For Yourself

Work in a Clean Office Just Hits Different

Workspace distractions sap your focus.

And while a cluttered desk may not *always* be the sign of a cluttered mind…

We’re firm believers in keeping your physical workspace organized.

As David Allen, productivity expert and author of Getting Things Done, says:

“When your space is filled up with things you haven’t organized, all of those things are constantly ‘yelling’ at you.”

So, if your office looks like a disaster…

Carve out 15 minutes to tidy it up this week and see how it affects your productivity.

Getting work done in a spotless office hits different.

From The Paid Ads Gig

Scaling 101

If you’re running a paid ads campaign that’s converting…

There are two main ways to scale it:

1 – Vertical scaling

Where you increase the budget on winning ad sets and/or campaigns.

2 – Horizontal scaling

Where you take winning ads and roll them out to new audiences.

Once you’ve hit on something that works, vertical scaling is the easiest to start with.

But depending on your audience, offer, and platform, you’ll eventually bump into a budget ceiling.

That’s when horizontal scaling comes into play.

Pro tip: the best way to achieve horizontal scale is to reposition your offer.

For example: a biz opp/make money online offer might be positioned towards young professionals as a way to escape the 9 to 5 and corporate rat race…

While it might be positioned towards stay-at-home parents as a way to provide for their family without having to leave the house or hire a babysitter.

Make sense?

Quote of the Day

“Ambition is a dream with a V8 engine.”

Elvis Presley