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Mentioned in today’s edition: Twitter, TikTok, Profile Kits, and Focused Views. Plus the secret to winning in business, what goes through a prospect’s mind on a sales call, and applying Occam’s Razor to paid ads.

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Making the Rounds

  • Twitter launches Link Spotlight to strengthen profile CTAs. The new feature lets professional users add a button to their profile so they can drive more traffic from their Twitter profiles.
  • TikTok launches Profile Kits to allow users to spotlight up to 6 videos on other sites. Users will be able to integrate the new feature through link-in-bio platform Linktree. Inevitably, all roads lead to TikTok. And if that weren’t enough…
  • TikTok launches Focused Views ad placement that only charges advertisers for actual views. Similar to YouTube’s skippable video ads, the new format gives advertisers a way to squeeze more out of their ad budget by only paying for a view if it’s 6 seconds or more.

Working With Clients

Need More Leads? Do These 3 Things

Winning in business is all about momentum.

That’s why it’s so important to establish a consistent way to land clients.

Especially if you’re new to freelancing.

Now, there are three main channels you can use to get clients without spending money on ads:

1) Referrals & Word of Mouth

Referrals and word of mouth always make for the best clients.

They’re pre-framed to trust you because someone else has endorsed you or recommended you.

Which also increases your perceived value.

Asking existing clients for referrals (and potentially incentivizing them to do so with a referral fee or bonus) is a great place to start.

The only problem is, if you’re a new freelancer, you’re not really in a position to leverage this channel yet.

2) Cold Outreach

Cold outreach means sending messages to people you don’t know to see if they’d be interested in hiring you.

This is typically done via email or on social media.

But the problem with cold outreach is intent.

No one you reach out to has said they actually WANT what you’re selling.

So this is typically not the best option for new freelancers either…

Because the tools you need to convert cold prospects into clients (lots of credibility, testimonials and a bold, results-based promise) are not in your toolkit yet.

3) Freelance Platforms

Freelance platforms solve the intent problem.

Instead of going after ice cold prospects who may or may not even want the service you provide…

You’re targeting people who have demonstrated a need and are actively looking for the solution.

These are paying clients who are looking to hire someone ASAP.

That’s intent.

And if you’re a brand new freelancer, this is the best place to start.

Our weapon of choice is Upwork, but there’s plenty of others out there like Fiverr, FreeUp and Freelancer.com.

Pick one and go all in on it.

Working For Yourself

What Goes Through a Prospect’s Mind When They Get on a Sales Call

Ever heard of Jay Abraham?

He’s a legendary copywriter, consultant, and business owner who’s coached some of the biggest names across many industries, including Tony Robbins, Ramit Sethi, Daymond John, Eben Pagan, and many others.

He also coined a concept called the “Strategy of Preeminence”…

And if you’re a freelance service provider, implementing this simple yet powerful framework has the potential to transform your sales calls…

By eliminating neediness…

Reducing sales resistance…

And forcing prospects to sell themselves to YOU.

Here’s how it works:

Instead of focusing on your product or service and why it’s a great fit for the prospect…

Frame the conversation as a diagnostic tool to help them figure out what’s best for their specific situation… even if that means NOT working with you.

It may sound simple…

But this subtle shift can flip the script and remove sales pressure for the prospect.

And if you can demonstrate a deeper level of understanding of their fears, problems, and goals than anyone else…

Through authentic, empathetic conversation about their current situation…

Then chances are, they’ll be eager to work with you anyway.

Which means you won’t need to rely on fake urgency or fast action discounts to close the deal.

Plus the prospect will be more pre-framed to trust you and implement your solution.

From The Paid Ads Gig

Applying Occam’s Razor to Paid Ads

Ads not performing?

First things first: check to make sure the link isn’t broken 😂

But assuming that’s not the problem…

The next step is to analyze the leading metrics so you can figure out where the dropoff is happening.

This includes:

  • Page speed
  • Landing page conversion rate

A sub-1% CTR + high CPC could mean a market-message mismatch or a weak creative.

Slow page speed could mean visitors are exiting before the page loads.

And if your landing page is converting at 20% or less, that’s a sign you may need to do some conversion rate optimization (CRO) before the campaign hits your KPIs.

Gig Alerts

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Quote of the Day

“Big breakthrough ideas often seem nuts the first time you see them.”

— Marc Andreessen