Ultimate Freelance Sales Call Cheatsheet


Sales calls are a necessary evil when it comes to freelancing. As much as you’d probably prefer to stay in your PJs, safely tucked behind your computer screen, if you want to land clients, you’ve gotta get on the phone. Especially if you’re looking to score some higher-paying gigs. But that doesn’t mean you have to turn into some sleazy telemarketer or used car salesperson.

That’s why we created the Ultimate Freelance Sales Call Cheatsheet.

It’s broken down into 8 simple steps that will guide your conversations on the phone with prospective clients. And it’s filled with the exact word-for-word questions, transitions, and answers to help you close them. Even if you’re brand new to freelancing.

Inside this 3-page doc, you’ll learn:

– A simple step-by-step roadmap to stress-free sales calls

– How to project certainty, clarity, and confidence when speaking to clients

– Why “temperature checks” are the secret to freelance sales calls that close

– The 3 most common client objections (and how to overcome each one word-for-word)

– And more