🎯 Politicians take aim at Google’s ad biz

Happy Tuesday! On this day in 1883, the Brooklyn Bridge was officially opened for the first time. Connecting Manhattan and Brooklyn, it took 14 years to build and cost $15 million to make — approximately $320 million in today’s dollars. HBD, BB 🎂

Now here’s what’s going on…

Making the Rounds

  • Twilio CEO suggests opening coffee shops instead of offices. With 50% of his workers going remote during the pandemic, Jeff Lawson wants to experiment with a different approach to in-person work.
  • Etsy announces SEO update for product listings. Retailers can now optimize their search engine ranking based on keywords.

  • Will Google be forced to break up their ad biz? A new Senate bill would prevent companies generating more than $20M in yearly ad revenue from participating in more than one part of the process (i.e dominating both the buyer and seller side of the transaction).

Working With Clients

3 Magic Words to Make Clients Trust You

If a client asks a question, you should always have the answer… right?


In fact, trying to weigh in on something when you’re out of depth is the fastest way to make yourself look silly.

So, what’s the answer?

Don’t be afraid to say “I don’t know.”

Being open about what you don’t know shows honesty and will give you credibility.

This is known as the “damaging admission” in copywriting…

And it’s often used on purpose to build trust and reduce skepticism.

Plus it creates an opportunity for you to find the answer and demonstrate your resourcefulness to the client.

A win-win for both of you 💪

Working For Yourself

Level 10 Productivity: Activated

When the kitchen, the couch, and the TV are all just a few steps away…

Or the hustle and bustle of the coffee shop rises up to the level of a dull roar…

It can be tough to focus on work sometimes.

That’s why listening to non-lyrical music can help you put the blinders on, drown out distractions, and get sh*t done.

Some of our favorites include:

  • Lo-fi
  • Chillwave
  • Binaural beats
  • Atmospheric sounds

Experiment with each and see what works best for you.

If you’re looking for an eclectic mix of lo-fi, chillhop, house, and spacey vibes, check out The Future Beats Show.

Tools We Love

Simplifying Split-Tests

Running split-tests is key to extracting maximum profits out of your marketing and advertising.

But if you’re working with a site built on WordPress… 

Or you’re operating on a lean budget… 

Or if you’d prefer not to use traditional solutions like ClickFunnels, VWO, or Optimizely, which can often hurt your page speed…

Then it’s time to check out Google Optimize.

It’s a simple and free split-testing tool that lets you run experiments, track conversions, and analyze results.

Optimize integrates directly with Google Analytics…

So there’s no need for any fancy funnel building or split-testing software…

Making it the perfect choice for freelancers.

Set up your next split-test in minutes by setting up Google Optimize for free today.

Quote of the Day

“The harder I work, the luckier I get.”

Samuel Goldwyn