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Mentioned in today’s newsletter: Patreon, Snapchat, Twitter, and Elon Musk. Plus the easiest way to fish for new freelance clients, savvy advice for anyone scaling up their side hustle, and one simple trick to avoid ad fatigue on Facebook and Instagram.

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Making the Rounds

  • Leaked memo reveals Patreon’s valuation has plummeted 70%. The creator economy darling recently laid off 17% of its workforce, and a leaked memo reviewed by Insider may explain why.
  • Snapchat continues to get hammered by slowdown in digital ad market. The company is projecting zero revenue growth for Q4 as advertising budgets shrink going into 2023, which sent its share price down another 25%+.
  • Elon Musk plans to cut Twitter workforce by 75%. If he completes his Twitter takeover bid, the Tesla and SpaceX CEO is planning to slash headcount and get rid of 5,000+ employees, according to a new report from the Washington Post. Time to update your CVs!

Working With Clients

The Easiest Way to Fish For New Freelance Clients

If you’re a new freelancer looking to land clients…

You’ve got two choices:

Go fishing in the equivalent of the Atlantic Ocean by trying to persuade any and every business owner out there to hire you…

Or go to a small pond where the density of fish is much higher.

Where do you think your chances are better?

The small pond, of course.

And that’s exactly what freelancing platforms are.

Places like Upwork and Fiverr are where you can find paying clients looking to hire right now.

So if you’re just getting started…

Don’t waste your time messaging random strangers on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

Focus on freelancing platforms instead.

Then aim to take your work off the platform once you’ve built strong relationships.

Plus, if you share the newsletter with a friend, we’ll send you a free fill-in-the-blanks Upwork job proposal template.

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Working For Yourself

Savvy Advice For Anyone Scaling Up Their Side Hustle

If you’ve ever thought about scaling up your freelance business from a one-person operation to a full-fledged agency…

Or are thinking about starting a new side hustle…

Then an important question to consider is:

Should you partner with (or hire) your friends?

On one hand, the people you work with represent a huge chunk of your day-to-day interactions, especially as you get older…

So wouldn’t it be nice if one (or more) of those people were your friends?

But on the other hand, adding a business layer to an existing friendship requires a strong foundation and stellar communication — and even then, things can still go wrong.

Ultimately, there’s no “perfect” answer…

Because regardless of whether you choose to hire your friends or not…

The two key things you should be screening for are:

1) Competence (can they do the job?)

2) Culture (will they fit in + influence others in the way YOU want?)

Friends may get top marks in the Culture category, but lack the skills and experience you’re looking for…

While outside hires may have the competence you need without being a culture fit.

Bottom line:

Great hires should score high in both categories.

From The Paid Ads Gig

Avoid Ad Fatigue on Facebook and Instagram With This One Simple Trick

One of the biggest roadblocks to scaling your ad account on Facebook and Instagram is ad fatigue.

Once you start spending thousands of dollars per day or more…

You need to give the algorithm more to work with if you want to maintain performance.

Think of it like a deck of cards…

If you’ve only got a few copy and image variations, you’re only giving the algorithm a few cards to play with.

And the result is that your target audience ends up seeing the same ads over and over again.

So… how do you avoid this?

By using dynamic creative.

This lets you upload up to…

  • 5 variations of body copy
  • 10 images or videos
  • 5 headlines
  • 5 descriptions

All within the same single ad.

So you can “stack the deck”…

And allow the algorithm to mix and match each individual asset, creating TONS of different variations to test and run.

Ultimately, this allows you to avoid burning out your audience…

Find more ad variations that convert…

And scale up your ad account much faster.

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