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Happy Tuesday! And welcome to November. Daylight Savings Time ends at 2 AM this Sunday. “Fall back” means we’ll get an extra hour of sleep, but it also means one less hour of sunlight at the end of the day.

Believe it or not, this practice dates back to 1784. The reason? To conserve candles. But given that candle conservation is not a modern-day priority, many experts now argue we should eliminate the practice and stick to permanent Standard or Daylight Time. Until that happens, enjoy those few extra z’s this weekend.

Mentioned in this edition: Twitter, the U.S. economy, YouTube, and the Supreme Court. Plus what you’re really saying when you miss a deadline, 6 types of boring businesses that (almost) never fail, and the most famous freelancer you’ve never heard of.

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Making the Rounds

  • Twitter verification may soon cost $20/mo. As part of the sweeping changes he’s looking to make after taking over, Elon Musk is reportedly looking to roll out a new version of Twitter’s paid subscription that would cost $20/mo and be mandatory for verified users to retain their verified badge.
  • U.S. economy grew 2.6% in Q3. The jump came after two consecutive quarters of contraction. But we’re not exactly out of the woods yet: interest rates are set to be hiked yet again when the Federal Reserve meets this week, which could increase the likelihood of a more severe recession in 2023.
  • Supreme Court decides to hear case challenging legal protection for social media platforms. The case was brought by the parents of a 23-year-old U.S. citizen killed in an ISIS terrorist attack in Paris in 2015. They claim YouTube violated the Anti-Terrorism Act by recommending other ISIS videos to users. Social media platforms are currently shielded from liability related to user-generated content by something called Section 230. But all that could change with a ruling from the high court.

Working With Clients

What You’re Really Saying When You Miss a Deadline

Want to know the easiest way to stand out as a freelancer?

Best part is, it’s got nothing to do with skills, experience, or track record.

All it takes is being able to manage yourself effectively.

It’s not sexy… but it’s infinitely more valuable than most freelancers ever realize.

By now, you’ve probably guessed it…

Don’t miss deadlines. Ever.

It sounds simple, we know — but trust us… getting your work in on time will instantly set you apart from the competition. 

Don’t believe it? Try hiring a freelancer and see for yourself.

And if you find yourself struggling to hit deadlines you set…

Here’s what to do:

  • Do a time audit on your next project
  • Add 24-48 hours on top
  • Use that as your next deadline

Once you’ve got a grip on how long each task or project takes you on average…

You shouldn’t have any trouble hitting deadlines.

Working For Yourself

6 Types of Boring Businesses That (Almost) Never Fail

Two out of three businesses fail within 10 years.

So… what’s the secret to building a profitable biz that lasts?

It starts by understanding the strengths and weaknesses of your underlying business model.

Especially if you’re considering something “sexy” like ecommerce, dropshipping, or Amazon FBA.

In this video from Codie Sanchez of Contrarian Thinking, you’ll discover 6 types of boring businesses that (almost) never fail.

Check it out:

[WATCH]: 6 Types of Boring Businesses That (Almost) Never Fail

Tools We Love

The Most Famous Freelancer You’ve Never Heard of

Case studies and social proof are great.

But there’s one thing holding most freelancers back from charging premium rates and commanding an elite position in the marketplace…

Credibility (or a lack thereof).

And the fastest way to build credibility is to “borrow” it from somebody else…

By getting booked as a podcast guest.

Studies show podcast listeners are typically more educated, affluent, and active on social media than the average American.

And when prospects see (or hear) you being interviewed by someone else they trust, those feelings are instantly transferred to you.

That’s where Guestio comes in.

Their guest booking and interview platform allows you to cut to the front line and book yourself on shows like:

  • Entrepreneurs On Fire with John Lee Dumas
  • Build Your Network with Travis Chappell
  • Franchise Secrets with Erik Van Horn
  • And many more

No more jumping through hoops or sending out cold DMs.

So if you’re looking for the simplest and easiest way to build credibility and attract more of your dream clients…

Head over to Guestio:

Find your first (or next) podcast booking on Guestio today.

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Quote of the Day

“It’s not that I’m so smart, it’s just that I stay with problems longer.”

— Albert Einstein

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