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Happy Thursday! They say April showers bring May flowers. But what do May flowers bring? Find the answer at the bottom of today’s newsletter.

Here’s what’s happening…

Digital Marketing News

  • Could ads finally be coming to Netflix? The streamer revealed they lost 200k subs in Q1, which led the stock price to sink 35% yesterday. And in a stunning reversal, CEO Reed Hastings said they’re aiming to create an ad-supported tier for people who are “advertising tolerant.” Ads, ads everywhere.
  • Instagram users can now tag products in their feed posts. This latest update strengthens the case for brands to invest in influencer marketing and user-generated content (UGC). Stories are still off-limits for now.

  • Meta is testing custom audience expansion on Facebook. This one’s a head-scratcher though — custom audiences are usually used for retargeting. Can you imagine seeing an ad that says “Hey! You left this in your cart” from a website that you’ve never visited before? Us either. Fingers crossed advertisers will be able to opt-out of this new feature in the future.

Working With Clients

Big Marketing Budgets Got Us Like…

If you’re on the hunt for the perfect freelance client, here’s a quick tip to narrow your search:

Bigger companies can afford to spend more on marketing.

You may have an easier time convincing a local business to hire you if you’re brand new…

But big companies always make better clients.


Three reasons:

1 – Their products and services have already been validated by the market (people want them)

2 – They usually have lots of existing assets for you to work with (copy, videos, past promotions, etc)

3 – They’re used to spending money on marketing (and freelancers)

Pro tip: put together custom sample pieces for every big client you’re pitching free of charge.

This delivers value up front and will help you immediately stand out.

Working For Yourself

How to Get Your Creative Juices Flowing Again

Struggling to come up with a creative solution to a work problem?

There’s a reason why famous thinkers like Darwin, Einstein, and Nietzsche used daily walks to stimulate their creativity.

Next time you’re feeling stumped, try this:

STEP 1: Direct your mind to find a solution

STEP 2: Go for a walk

STEP 3: Get back to work & request the solution

What you’ll find is that your subconscious mind continues working on the problem, even after you’ve shifted your active focus away from it.

Tools We Love

Don’t Ask Me Again

Death, taxes, and password resets.

Three things you can count on when doing business online.

And if you want to keep track of all your usernames and passwords, both for yourself and for clients, without going mad…

Or having to ask for them again and again…

LastPass has got you covered.

Trusted by 30M+ happy users, it’s the simplest way to keep your sensitive info safe, secure, and highly organized.

Try LastPass for free and get peace of mind today.

Quote of the Day

“Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune.”

Jim Rohn

Riddle of the Day

Answer: Pilgrims. The Mayflower was an English ship that carried them to the New World in 1620.