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Mentioned in today’s newsletter: Loom, Slack, Telegram, Instagram, and Google. Plus how to gracefully fire a client from hell, 22 low-cost tools to run your freelance biz, and the one element of persuasion even more important than self-desire.

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Making the Rounds

  • 91% of workers report their messages are misunderstood in the workplace. A new study from Loom reveals 1 in 5 were “reprimanded, demoted or fired” because of misinterpreted messages. Ouch. Moral of the story: tone is hard to interpret, especially over text. So don’t be afraid to add warmth to your written communications with smileys, emojis, and exclamation points when appropriate. A little warmth goes a long way in Slack or on Telegram.
  • Instagram planning to scale back on shopping features. The “Shop” tab is reportedly set to disappear in the next few months, along with the entire in-stream shopping program.
  • Google is forecasting an economic slowdown. Senior managers were recently told to avoid travel except for “business critical” reasons as CEO Sundar Pichai aims to do more with less and make the company 20% more productive.

Working With Clients

Nightmare Client After Assaulting Your Inbox For the 47th Time:

Not all client relationships have a happy ending.

If you’ve got a client who’s blowing you up with emails, DMs, and voice notes…

Hammering you with urgent requests that ignore your clearly-stated boundaries…

And implying that nothing you do is up to snuff…

It’s probably time to let them go.

But how, exactly? What’s the best way to fire a client?

Well, for starters, it’s never easy…

Even if you’re secretly wishing a pox upon their house.

Send them an email or DM that hits these key points:

– I’m not the right person to help you achieve XYZ

– I hope you’ve gotten some good value from our time together

– Happy to get on a call to discuss if need be

– Still believe in your mission/product

– Will be rooting for you to succeed

The reason to send them a message instead of getting on a call right away is to give them a chance to digest it…

And (hopefully) eliminate the need for a call.

But this way, even if they insist on one, you’ve already got the hard part out of the way.

And if you have a 30-day cancellation policy in your contract, you can always offer to let them out of it if you’re really eager to end the relationship.

Working For Yourself

22 Low (or No) Cost Tools to Run Your Freelance Biz

There’s no shortage of free or low-cost tools to help you run your freelancer biz…

Even if you’re just starting out.

These are some of our favorites:


Website & Landing Pages:


Social Media:

Email Marketing

Diagrams & Visualizations:

Screen Capture & Record:






What would you add to this list?

We’re always on the lookout for new tools to test out.

Hit “Reply” to share your favorites with us.

From The Copywriting Gig

Reading a Killer Long-Form Sales Letter Be Like

WIIFM is one of the most important concepts in copy.

It stands for “what’s in it for me” — a reminder that your readers don’t actually care about you…

So if you want to get someone’s attention, appealing to their self-desire is key.

But according to Gary Halbert, author of the Coat of Arms promo that ran for over 30 years and generated millions of dollars in the 70s and 80s, and someone who’s often listed as one of the best copywriters of all time… 

There’s ONE element of persuasion even more important than self-desire.

Something that can make readers burn through 50 pages of copy in a frenzy…

Something that can turn an underperforming ad or email into a customer-generating machine…

And something that separates pro copywriters from wannabe Don Drapers.

Can you guess what it is?

I’ll give you a hint: it’s not a killer price, money back guarantee, or added bonus…

And it’s got nothing to do with scarcity, urgency, or even storytelling…

Instead, that special something is:


You see…

You never want to reveal everything in your ad, email, or sales page right away.

Learn how to talk about something without giving away what it is.

Because if your readers aren’t curious to discover your secret, hack, trick, tactic, strategy, or 7 magic words to achieve a desired result…

They won’t be motivated to buy.

A few tips to execute on this:

  • Talk about what it’s not
  • Talk about what it’s better than
  • Talk about what you can do it without

But no matter how you create curiosity…

Just make sure you can actually pay it off inside the product — because that’s what separates compelling copy from cringy clickbait.

Together with AdSkills

The Truth About Scaling to 7-Figures and Beyond in 2022

“Free” traffic is a myth. If you want to get more eyeballs on your offers, you’ve got two choices: you can pay with time or you can pay with money. But so-called “free” or organic traffic isn’t predictable or reliable. You can’t turn it up or down at will. Plus time is the only non-renewable resource you have as a freelancer or entrepreneur.

Enter AdSkills: the gold standard in paid traffic training. Paid traffic gives you a consistent, predictable, and reliable way to turn $1 into $2 or more. From there, turning up the traffic and sales can be as simple as turning on a faucet. That’s why paid traffic is the fastest way to create leverage in your business and scale your impact and income. 

As an AdSkills member, not only will you learn how to launch & scale paid ad campaigns, but you’ll also get the stamp of approval that 9-figure companies like ClickFunnels, DigitalMarketer, and VShred look for when hiring freelancers. So if you want to learn how to write killer ads, craft campaigns that convert, and scale offers to the moon on Facebook, TikTok, or YouTube, click here to try a free AdSkills class today.

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