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Mentioned in today’s issue: Duolingo, Roblox, Apple Together, and Creative Commons. Plus a different kind of R&R, when the “friend zone” isn’t a bad thing, and split-testing for statistical insignificance.

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Making the Rounds

  • Duolingo enters the metaverse. The viral language learning app has launched a game jam inside gaming platform Roblox to spotlight developer-created Duo content and capitalize on organic interest in the metaverse. If you’re a metaverse-savvy freelancer, it’s time to update your bio — because the opportunities in this space are set to explode.
  • Apple workers launch petition to avoid returning to the office next week. Turns out not everyone misses watercooler chit chat and empty coffee pots. A group of Apple employees known as Apple Together have been circulating a petition to demand location flexible work in advance of the company’s mandated return to the office on September 5.
  • How to find images you can legally use for free. Need to find an image for a client project that you don’t have to pay for? Check out this guide from The Verge on how to search for images with Creative Commons licenses.

Working With Clients

A Different Kind of R&R

For most freelancers, hitting 10k per month is their first big goal.

So what’s the easiest way to get there?

Recurring revenue.

Look to find clients who have an ongoing need for your services.

-For copywriters, this could be writing emails and/or managing the list

-For media buyers, this could be managing paid ad campaigns

-For graphic designers, this could be producing ad creatives

-For remote sales reps, this could be setting appointments

Now copywriters and graphic designers may have to work a little bit harder on this…

Because one-off projects are much more common in those lines of work.

But media buyers and remote sales reps have recurring revenue basically built-in to their job descriptions.

And by focusing on recurring revenue…

It only takes:

– 5 clients @ 2k/m

– 4 clients @ 2.5k/m

– 2 clients @ 5k/m

… to hit 10k per month.

 Another way to hit 10k/m faster is to negotiate performance-based compensation.

This is typically a percentage of sales generated by your work.

For example:

– Copywriters may get a % of gross revenue

– Media buyers may get a % of monthly ad spend

– Remote sales reps may get a % of cash collected

Now, performance-based components are much more common for some high-income skills (copywriting, media buying, and remote sales) versus others (graphic design).

But no matter which skill you choose…

Performance-based compensation requires a strong foundation of trust.

No client will agree to share their profits without it.

So keep this in mind as a goal to work toward…

But don’t come out guns blazing and ask for a percentage of gross sales right away.

You should have no trouble hitting 10k/m without it.

Working For Yourself

When Getting “Friend Zoned” is a Good Thing

Before someone will hire you to do a job, they have to know (or at least believe) that you can actually do the job.

And if you’re running a freelance business…

This gap of awareness is much easier to bridge if you do it in advance.


By building your network and getting to know other people in your industry.

There’s a reason they say your network is your net worth.

Because the more people know who…

1 – Who you are

2 – What you can do

… the more opportunities you’ll get.

Plain and simple.

And if you’re worried about “the competition” or anyone else who provides the same service as you do..

Consider this:

There is SO much more work out there than there are competent people who can do it.

The amount of people who have both skill and the will to pursue the same goals as you do is so small that it doesn’t even matter.

The closer you get to the top, the smaller the world gets.

Here are a few ways to get started:

– Join free communities focused around a specific niche or skill

– Build relationships with other service providers on social media

– Buy a product from your favorite content creator to start a more intimate conversation

Bottom line is:

Become a connector and you’ll have more opportunities than you know what to do with.

From The Paid Ads Gig

Split-Testing For Statistical Insignificance

The main conversion mechanism in a sales funnel is usually a sales letter, webinar, or VSL.

But is it the most important one?

Not always — and here’s why:

Your ad determines WHO you’re bringing in and WHAT their expectations are.

Get it wrong, and it may not matter how good your main conversion mechanism is.

Especially if you’re selling a high-ticket product or service.

So while you can split test landing pages, order forms, and button copy until the cows come home…

Truth is, the #1 biggest lever you can pull when it comes to the performance of your funnel…

(aside from your sales letter, VSL, or webinar)

Is your ad.

Nail that and everything else downstream gets much easier.

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Gig Alerts

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Quote of the Day

“Ambition is a dream with a V8 engine.”

— Elvis Presley