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Happy Friday! Today is the last day of Q3. What are you planning over the next 90 days to finish 2022 on a high note? Hit reply and let us know.

Mentioned in today’s newsletter: Meta, Midjourney, Twitter, and Google Lens. Plus the first word out of every new freelancer’s mouth, 90 days to world domination, and 6 simple tips for high-converting ad images.

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Making the Rounds

  • Meta announces text-to-video AI tool. Move over Midjourney, images are old news. Meta’s new Make a Video tool can generate short video clips from text prompts. It’s not public yet, but the company aims to make it available by November.
  • Reuters investigation reveals some Twitter ads appeared alongside child pornography tweets. The investigation found over 30 advertisers, including Disney, Coca-Cola and NBCUniversal, had their ads displayed on profiles promoting or soliciting child pornography. YIKES! Many have since suspended their ad campaigns on the platform.
  • Google Lens will soon let you search with an image then refine with text. The company announced several new features at its Search On event yesterday, including the ability to begin a search with an image using Google Lens.

Working With Clients

The First Word Out of Every New Freelancer’s Mouth

No freelancer wants to spend all their time prospecting.

But if you’re stuck doing one-off projects for clients all the time…

You don’t have much choice.

That’s one of the reasons why monthly retainers can be so attractive:

It doesn’t take many to fill up your calendar.

Which means less time spent prospecting and more time spent doing work that pays.

Plus it gives you some predictable income you can use to budget, save, and invest with.

But how do you make the shift from one-off to ongoing?

Well, the playbook is the same pretty much regardless of which service(s) you provide:

STEP 1: Make sure one-off projects are successful

You can’t expect to upsell clients into ongoing arrangements if the initial project isn’t successful.

So make sure you’re doing everything you can to get your client a big win first.

You need a solid foundation to build on if you want them to pay you every month.

STEP 2: Identify ongoing work you can take off their plate

Start by thinking about it from the client’s perspective:

What ongoing work are they doing on a daily or weekly basis that you could take off their plate?

Some examples:

  • Writing emails
  • Running split-tests
  • Managing ad campaigns
  • Creating social media posts
  • Etc

Unless these activities fall within your client’s zone of genius, chances are they’d appreciate you taking it off their plate so they can focus on more important things, like leading the company and being a real CEO.

Often, the question isn’t “do they want to hire someone” — it’s “will this pay for itself?” and “can I trust you?”

STEP 3: Explain why it makes sense

Even if you’ve created some goodwill with your client, you still need to make a strong logical case for this new arrangement:

– How will it make them money?

– How will it save them time?

– Why is it a smart decision?

Don’t be afraid to explain why YOU want it too.

Make it clear how much you enjoy working for them, how much you love their products, why you align with their values, etc.

Then position it as a way for them to lock down a fixed amount of your time every month.

Just keep in mind that not every client will be a good fit for a monthly retainer.

But for the right ones, it’s a win/win.

Working For Yourself

90 Days to World Domination

You’ve gotta know what you’re aiming at before you can hit the target.

But the problem is…

Humans are notoriously bad at long-term planning.


Well, for one, we’re terrible at making long-range mathematical predictions (see also: stock market investing).

But secondly, individual variables can change fast…

Especially in business. 

Making it virtually impossible to set long-term goals.

So what’s the answer?

Forget 5-year plans and focus on quarterly goals instead.

90 days offers the perfect balance between short-term and long-term..

It’s short enough to narrow your focus and long enough to make major progress towards a goal.

That’s why many experts like Gino Wickman, author of Traction and creator of the Entrepreneurial Operating System, believe in quarterly goal-setting.

Tomorrow’s the first day of Q4.

So carve out some time this weekend to set your intent and decide what you want to achieve in the final quarter of 2022.

From The Paid Ads Gig

6 Simple Tips For High-Converting Ad Images

Video may be all the rage these days…

But image ads can still crush it on Facebook and Instagram….

if you know how to pick a winner.

Here are 6 simple tips to help you pick out (or create) high-converting ad images:

1. Dial up the contrast

2. Choose an image with a human face

3. Make sure they’re looking right into the camera

4. Look for colors that stand out from the white & blue of the feed

5. Incorporate diagonal lines whenever possible

6. Aim for “native aspirational” (something a real user would post + reflects the prospect’s desired future state)

Don’t be surprised if your image ads outperform your video ads once you implement these tips 💪

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