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Mentioned in today’s issue: InAppBrowser, Meta, TikTok, Chrome, Safari, and The Browser Company. Plus controversial career advice, how to create a “market of one,” and our favorite low-tech email marketing solution.

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Making the Rounds

  • InAppBrowser reveals how Meta and TikTok can view sensitive info without consent. The new privacy tool reveals what scripts are running in the background when you share or visit links from within the platform.
  • UK government looking into Apple and Google for browser antitrust investigation. Chrome and Safari have over 80% market share combined. But now UK regulators are looking into antitrust claims as startups like The Browser Company take aim at the two 800-pound gorillas of internet browsing.
  • Why 7-figure funnels aren’t made with ads. When it comes to million dollar funnels, traffic tends to get all the glory. But the truth is, ads are just one piece of the puzzle. Check out this article on the DigitalMarketer blog for more.

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Working With Clients

Controversial Career Advice That Could Slow You Down

One of the most controversial freelancing topics is whether to work for free or not.

As a wise man once said, “if you’re good at something, never do it for free.”

But on the flip side…

How are you supposed to land clients with no experience?

It’s a tricky situation. And one that’s more nuanced than most make it out to be.

So here’s our take on the subject:

  • You should never lie about how much (or little) experience you have to a prospective client.
  • The biggest objection most clients have when hiring new freelancers is experience.
  • The easiest way to overcome that objection is to work for free.
  • One way to split the difference is to prepare custom sample pieces and include them in your proposal. This way, you can demonstrate your competence without doing the entire project for free.
  • Be strategic about who you prepare custom samples for. If it’s a big client with lots of potential opportunities for you, then it’s probably worth it. If it’s a brand new solopreneur with nothing more than a blog and a Stripe account, then probably don’t do it.
  • Any work you do for free should be limited in scope.
  • There are bad actors out there who may try to exploit you, so use your judgment and trust your gut.

Bottom line:

Most new freelancers would be better served by checking their ego and working for free to get their foot in the door with legit clients and companies.

Whatever amount you’re getting your knickers in a twist about is likely going to be small potatoes in the long run.

So don’t sweat it.

And focus on doing whatever you can to prove yourself to quality clients.

Working For Yourself

How to Create a “Market of One” Even in Saturated Niches

Finance experts say the secret to building wealth is compound interest.

That’s why Warren Buffett accumulated 97% of his wealth after his 65th birthday.

But while we may not all be able to replicate Buffett’s investing success…

There’s another way freelancers can put this mechanism to work for themselves:

By stacking high-income skills.

You see, it takes a very long time to master a deep skill like copywriting or media buying…

And while it’s definitely worth committing to…

If you can develop other skills that complement or intersect with your primary skill…

You can see some explosive gains.

For example: 

Most copywriters know nothing about paid traffic…

And most media buyers can’t write copy.

The same thing goes for copywriting and graphic design or funnel building.

It’s an unusual combo you don’t see very often.

So by developing competence where those two skills intersect, you can carve out a unique position in the market…

Opening the door to many more opportunities than most other freelancers will ever get.

And over time, mastering these skills will deliver a much higher return than any other investment you could make (unless you are Warren Buffett, of course ;).

Tools We Love

Because That Would Be Just Too Easy

As the publishers of a daily newsletter, email marketing is the foundation of our business.

And throughout our freelancing careers, we’ve had the opportunity to work with many of the biggest email service providers out there.

But the problem is…

Most of them have so many fancy bells and whistles that you need a PhD in computer science just to figure out how to make them do what you want.

That’s why we’re proud users of ConvertKit.

It’s simple, intuitive, and incredibly easy to use.

Because you *should* be able to collect emails, send out broadcasts, and set up simple automations in minutes without calling in chat support.

So if you’re looking for a simple and cost-effective way to grow your online audience with email marketing…

Try ConvertKit for free today.

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