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Mentioned in today’s issue: Credit cards, LinkedIn Premium, and Meta. Plus one reason why you can’t get clients, the science-backed secret to quality shut-eye, and the hidden ingredient in low-ticket funnels that scale.

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Making the Rounds

  • Credit card debt shot up by $46 billion last quarter. That’s a 13% increase from the year before, and the biggest one in 20+ years — a sign of inflation and potentially darker days ahead for Captain Consumer.
  • Class-action complaint filed against LinkedIn over automatic subscription renewal. An Oregon resident who signed up for a free trial of LinkedIn Premium claims she was billed over $1,100 over a 3-year period. Moral of the story: don’t go 3 years without checking your credit card statement. 
  • Meta launches Advertiser Success Center. It includes step-by-step guides and case studies on everything from understanding the auction to creating captivating videos.

Working With Clients

Can’t Get Clients? This Might Be Why

What gets measured gets managed.

That’s why, when it comes to finding clients…

You should be tracking your prospecting numbers on a weekly basis.

  • How many people you reached out to
  • How many calls you booked
  • How many proposals you submitted
  • How many clients you landed

This allows you to identify where the constraint is — just like analyzing a client’s underperforming sales funnel — and then try new things until you crack the code.

Working For Yourself

Struggling to Get a Good Night’s Sleep? Here’s the Science-Backed Secret to Quality Shut-Eye

Even if you’re not an early riser…

Optimizing your sleep is essential to performing at your best.

So what’s the #1 best evidence-based way to hack your circadian rhythm for quality shut-eye?

We’ll give you a hint…

It’s not sleep masks, white noise machines, or keeping your bedroom cool…

(although all of the above do help)

Instead, it’s viewing sunlight.

Specifically, within 30-60 minutes of getting up and then again in the late afternoon before sunset.

In this podcast episode, Stanford neurobiologist Dr. Andrew Huberman explains how light viewing can help optimize not just sleep, but many other facets of your health as well.

Now if your podcast queue is already fully loaded…

Then click here to check out all of Dr. Huberman’s actionable recommendations to improve your sleep:

Check out Dr. Huberman’s Toolkit For Sleep here

From The Paid Ads Gig

The Hidden Ingredient in Low-Ticket Funnels That Scale

CPMs are on the rise.

Competition on the big ad platforms is getting stiffer.

And targeting ain’t exactly what it used to be.

So if you’re struggling to make paid ads profitable in 2022, you’re not alone.

But what’s the fix?

Well, it’s not a sexy marketing “hack” and it’s got nothing to do with flipping switches or the way you set up your campaigns…

Instead, the way to put your paid ads on easy mode is:

Launching a high-ticket offer.

One high-ticket sale of $2,000 to $5,000+ can liquidate a ton of ad spend and turn entire campaigns from bottomless money pits into cash-printing machines.

The two most common ways to do it from a traffic perspective are…

1) Promoting a low-ticket offer with an application on the backend

2) Driving traffic straight to a VSL or webinar that pushes leads to book a call

Bottom line:

The days of running profitable ads promoting low-ticket offers are over.

Traffic costs are only going to go up as the big ad platforms continue to mature…

So to make paid traffic work in 2022, you need to go high-ticket.

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