🏛️ Facebook vs the Land of Lincoln

Happy Monday! We spent the weekend at Gig HQ setting goals for Q2 in between episodes of Luxe Listings. There may or may not have been tequila involved. Now it’s time to get back at it and crush this week 💪

Here’s what’s happening…

Freelance Economy News

  • Facebook is getting sued by non-users over facial recognition. An Illinois judge ruled on Thursday that a class-action claim against Facebook can proceed. The claim alleges Facebook violated privacy laws in the Land of Lincoln by collecting faceprints of residents without posting a written policy on what it would do with the data. The social media platform recently agreed to pay out a $650 million settlement in a different class-action suit, also brought by Illinois residents. Ouch. IL: 2, Meta: 0.
  • President Trump’s Truth Social app continues to struggle. Technical difficulties appear to be plaguing the social media app. After announcing a launch date of Feb 21, many users are still stuck on a waitlist. Trump himself hasn’t posted a message since before the initial launch date.

  • Monthly podcast listenership is down for the first time since 2013. File this one under news we didn’t see coming: the number of Americans over 12 who listened to a podcast last month dropped from 41% to 38% year over year. The last drop was in 2013. Meanwhile, the top 10 podcast advertisers spent almost $300 million last year according to eMarketer, compared to just $145 million in 2020.

Working With Clients

Send Me a Loom

One of the most efficient ways to communicate with clients is by recording screencast videos with tools like Loom or SnagIt.

Client work typically involves a lot of troubleshooting, walkthroughs, and back and forths…

So being able to send screencast videos makes collaborating a helluva lot easier…

And cuts down on the need for calls or meetings.

Asynchronous communication FTW 🙌

However, something important to keep in mind is how you sound.

Invest in a decent pair of headphones (or better yet, a proper USB microphone) to make sure you sound good in videos and on calls with clients.

Here’s an article on the 7 best USB headphones for 2022.

You never know when your client may forward your video onto their friend, colleague, or boss to get their input…

And there’s nothing worse than having to watch or listen to someone go on and oooon with a crappy mic.

So don’t be that person 😉

Working For Yourself

You Probably Weren’t Paying Attention When They Taught This in High School

As a freelancer, you wear two hats at all times:

1) Technician

2) Operator

Where most freelancers go wrong is by focusing strictly on their responsibilities as the technician.

Doing a great job for your clients is key.

But don’t shirk your duties as the CEO.

Particularly when it comes to bookkeeping and finances.

Since you’ll be classified as an independent contractor, that means you’re on the hook for paying income taxes.

So make sure you’ve got enough left over when the tax man comes for his cut.

On a related note, you might want to check out Catch — a free personal payroll tool specifically for freelancers.

But whether you use a fancy piece of software or a plain ol’ Google Sheet…

What matters most is that you stay on top of it.

From The Copywriting Gig

Mad Scientist Copywriting

You don’t “write” direct response copy…

You assemble it.

Or at least that’s what Eugene Schwartz, author of Breakthrough Advertising, always said.

And one of the most important building blocks of direct response copy is the lead.

This could be anywhere from the first 100 words to the first 7 pages, depending on what you’re writing.

But the point is: your lead has a massive impact on conversion rates.

It can make or break your promotion.

That’s why it’s one of the areas pros spend the most time and energy on…

And one of the first things savvy marketers like to split-test.

So… what makes a great lead?

Well, that depends on the awareness and sophistication of your prospect.

And fortunately for us, Michael Masterson — bestselling author and founder of the $1.5 billion dollar a year company Agora — has boiled it down to just six different types of leads in his book, Great Leads.

It’s the perfect crash course to help you write a killer lead every single time.

Even if you’re not a master copywriter.

Click here check it out on Amazon:

Great Leads: The Six Easiest Ways to Start Any Sales Message

Quote of the Day

“He who lives by the crystal ball is destined to eat ground glass.”

Ray Dalio