👻 Ghosting the metaverse

Happy Tuesday! Today marks 90 years since President Herbert Hoover suggested a 5-day work week for the first time. We’re pretty sure he didn’t factor in how many Zoom calls you can fit into 40 hours when he made the suggestion… but we’ll let it slide.

Now let’s get you caught up on the latest…

Digital Marketing News

  • Will the metaverse be a ghost town? Maybe. According to a new survey, Gen Z is pretty skeptical. 50% of teens surveyed said they were “unsure, or had zero intention” of buying a device to access the metaverse. But considering virtual concerts by artists like Travis Scott and Lil Nax X have drawn millions of viewers on platforms like Roblox and Fortnite, we’re not ready to declare the metaverse DOA just yet.
  • Brands shift focus to zero-party data. Forget first-party data — brands are now going after zero-party data to personalize their marketing. But what the heck is it? Zero-party data is information you share voluntarily, such as what types of products or services you’re interested in, typically via survey. As the aftershock of iOS 14 continues to ripple out, zero-party data may come to be worth its weight in gold.

  • WhatsApp aims to take on Telegram with new Communities feature. Don’t confuse them with Facebook Groups though: the new WhatsApp feature will focus on private, non-searchable communities where members can see each other’s phone numbers. 

Working With Clients

What to Say When That One Annoying Client Won’t Stop Sending You Voice Notes

Freelance power dynamics typically favor the client.

But it’s important to remember that no client is worth nonstop Slack messages, neverending voice notes, or needlessly urgent “pivots” that have to be executed right after the last one.

Healthy working relationships are built on boundaries and expectations.


Don’t be afraid to fire clients who can’t respect your boundaries.

If a client’s expectations are not aligned with yours (aka they expect you to be available to turn something around on a Friday night at 9:30 PM when you’re already two margaritas deep), the chances of them being unhappy when the job is done are pretty dang high. 

And that poses a serious risk to your reputation, which you’ve got to protect at all costs.

Working For Yourself

When You Treat Your Mind Like a Filing Cabinet, This is What Happens

Staying productive can be a battle when you’re working from home.

But instead of looking for some fancy productivity system to keep you on task, here’s an old school solution to try:

Write all your to-dos down on paper.

Because if you’ve 479 mental tabs open at the same time, well, that’s gonna suck up all your juice and make it difficult to get things done.

But when you write everything down, you can free up your mind’s computing power to do more important things — like finding the perfect the GIF to get your point across 😂😈

Tools We Love

Let the Hate Leads Flow Through You

You don’t need a sales funnel to land your first few clients.

But when it comes to scaling up your offer, starting a side hustle, or sketching out a new strategy for a client…

Having a dedicated funnel builder is a godsend.

That’s where ClickFunnels comes in.

It’s armed with:

  • A simple drag-and-drop builder
  • 100s of templates to choose from
  • Seamless split-testing
  • One-click upsells
  • Solid reporting

Setting up your first funnel is fast and easy.

So if you’re ready for the leads to start flowing…

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Quote of the Day

“The best way to predict the future is to create it.”

Peter Drucker