📉 Bank collapse

Happy Tuesday! Turns out losing money chasing yields isn’t just for crypto investors anymore: Silicon Valley Bank announced it lost $2B last week after chasing higher yields in the bond market, leading to the second biggest bank failure in U.S. history. Woops! More details below.

Also discussed in today’s newsletter: Facebook, WhatsApp, and the U.K. government. Plus 5 ways to make more money without raising prices or finding new clients, and how to avoid this hidden conversion killer.

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Making the Rounds

  • U.S regulators step in to save Silicon Valley Bank depositors in attempt to avoid further financial crisis. Silicon Valley Bank, the banking partner for many U.S. startups and tech companies, collapsed after clients attempted to withdraw $42 billion in one day last week. The federal government responded by offering to cover depositors’ funds, hoping to avoid a widespread loss of confidence in the banking system. It remains to be seen how much this will affect the gig economy, as the fallout continues this week. Stay tuned.
  • Facebook tops list of most-hacked sites. According to a study by VPN Central, Meta’s crown jewel is #1 in hack-related Google searches, followed by Instagram, Twitch, and Spotify.
  • WhatsApp could be banned in the U.K. The messaging app said it will not adhere the rules outlined in the new Online Safety Bill, which would require them to moderate all user content.

Working For Yourself

5 Ways to Make More Money Without Raising Prices or Finding New Clients

The most common way freelancers try to increase their income is by finding new clients.

But is this the fastest way to do it?

The answer may surprise you.

In the video below, 7-figure copywriter Alex Cattoni reveals 5 ways to make more money without finding new clients… or even raising your prices.

Click below to check it out on YouTube:

[WATCH]: 5 Ways To Make More Money (Without Raising Prices Or Finding New Clients)

Tools We Love

Avoid This Hidden Conversion Killer

Slow page speed is a hidden conversion killer.

Every additional second someone has to wait between clicking on a link and actually landing on your site increases the chance they won’t stick around.

A few of the conventional tricks to improve page speed are…

  • Compressing images
  • Eliminating unnecessary scripts
  • And minimizing redirects

But one you may not be aware of is changing your hosting provider.

Now, low-cost hosting solutions like Siteground are great if you’re just getting started with your side hustle…

Except they come up in the page speed department.

Like with most things, you get what you pay for when it comes to website hosting.

That’s why we’re big fans of Kinsta.*

Not only does it make our pages load super fast…

It’s also got the most intuitive and easy-to-use interface we’ve ever seen.

(If you’ve ever played around with other hosting providers, you know how confusing they can be.)

This is probably why companies like TripAdvisor, Hootsuite, and Unicef trust Kinsta to host their websites.

To learn more about making the switch, click here:

Start your free trial of Kinsta today.*

Gig Alerts

Looking for clients? These freelance jobs were posted on Upwork in the last 24 hours:

NOTE: We only share job postings from Upwork. We’ve found it to be the most trustworthy platform with the highest-quality clients. 

Furthermore, job postings must be for high-income skills like copywriting, media buying, funnel building, graphic design, remote closing, etc in order to qualify.

Quote of the Day

“People don’t buy what you make, they buy what you believe.”

— Ernest Lupinacci

Everyone wants to do business with those who share their values.

Embrace yours.

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Tools of the Trade

Looking to upgrade your toolkit? Here are some of our favorite tools we use to power our freelance business:

  • ConvertKit — Email marketing for creators. Simple, easy to use, and very cost-effective.
  • Kinsta — Super fast website hosting trusted by 25,000+ small businesses.
  • Fireflies — AI note-taker that can record client calls + create searchable transcripts.
  • Krisp — Eliminates echoes and background noise on calls and meetings using AI.
  • Wise — Unbeatable rates on currency conversions. Saves you a ton of money if you’re an international freelancer.

* Some of these are affiliate links. This means we may receive a small commission if you sign up for a paid subscription (at no extra cost to you.)