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Mentioned in today’s newsletter: YouTube, Twitter, and the economy. Plus revenge of the Anonymous Alligator, and the savvy media buyer’s secret weapon.

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Making the Rounds

  • YouTube launches free ad-supported streaming channels. Arguably the crown jewel in its parent company Alphabet’s portfolio, YouTube is aiming to become a one-stop shop for all things streaming. Last year, they started encouraging users to subscribe to other paid streaming platforms like Paramount+ directly from inside the platform, and now, they’re testing a new hub of free ad-supported streaming channels to compete with companies like Roku.
  • Major U.S. banks predict “mild recession” for 2023. Execs from Citigroup, Bank of America, and JPMorgan Chase all shared the same prediction on Q4 earnings calls last week.
  • Twitter rolls out “For You” and “Following” timelines to web app. The update, after first appearing on the iOS version of the app, allows users to switch between algorithmic (For You) and chronological (Following) versions of the timeline.

Working With Clients

Revenge of the Anonymous Alligator

“CLIENT has left 36 comments inside your document.”

Seeing the above alert from Google Docs hit your inbox can sometimes lead to a panic attack.

Especially if it’s a new client.

There’s nothing worse than firing off a first draft, thinking you nailed it…

Only to see Anonymous Alligator appear and start tearing up your work (not to mention your ego) like a stray dog lost in the Everglades.

But the truth is…

Learning to receive feedback well is the mark of an elite freelancer.

Now you may not always agree with it…

(and you don’t have to!)

But you should always be prepared to adapt and iterate based on what the client has to say.

Here are a few examples of how to respond:

  • “Got it”
  • “I hear you”
  • “Totally understand”
  • “Let me addresses these comments and then circle back”

The goal is to take their feedback in stride without getting defensive.

Because, don’t forget…

Your job as a hired professional is to share your expert opinion, but ultimately, it’s the person signing the invoice who gets the final say.

From The Paid Ads Gig

The Savvy Media Buyer’s Secret Weapon

When it comes to optimizing paid ad campaigns, it’s important to think outside the box.

The conventional approach to improving performance usually involves focusing on just two variables:

1) Ad performance

2) Lander performance

But these are far from the only options available to the savvy media buyer looking for more conversions.

Another tool that belongs in your optimization toolkit is “dayparting.”

This just means scheduling your ads to only be displayed at certain times.

For example…

If you’re running ads for a B2B software company, you might want to test only having ads run during business hours, when decision makers are more likely to be on the clock.

Or if you’re a car dealership, you could test only having ads run on the weekend, when potential buyers are more likely to be free to come in.

Bottom line is…

Ads and landing pages aren’t the only levers you can play with.

Placements, browsers, devices, operating systems, and time of day can all affect how well your ads perform…

So don’t forget to test them when the situation calls for it.

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Quote of the Day

“The trajectory of your life bends in the direction of your habits.”

— James Clear