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Happy Tuesday! For anyone who feels like all the good business ideas have been done already, get this: there’s a company in San Francisco called City Grazing using goats to eliminate the weed and brush overgrowth that leads to fires. 

In other words, they literally get paid to send in the goats.

The only constraint in business is your creativity.

Now, here’s what’s covered in today’s newsletter: Microsoft Copilot, Pinterest, and the recession. Plus how to build a unique personal brand, and why you should stop taking notes on client calls and do this instead.

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Making the Rounds

  • Microsoft Copilot brings AI to Dynamics 365. The company is aiming to automate repetitive sales and customer service tasks for its enterprise-level clients, like responding to email support requests and summarizing team meetings.
  • Pinterest testing new Premiere Spotlight ad placement. The placement features your ad at the top of the app’s search page for 24 hours. Given they’re following in the vertical video footsteps of Instagram and YouTube, this could be an interesting placement to test for ecommerce brands.
  • Why the recession is always six months away. Experts have been banging the recession drum for months now. But the economy is somehow still hot. This article from the WSJ explains why.

Working For Yourself

How to Create a Unique Personal Brand

Personal brands are the new portfolios.

And while you don’t necessarily *need* one to land a gig or fill your schedule…

They are a major competitive advantage for any freelancer.

That’s why we really enjoyed this interview between Amy Porterfield and Rory Vaden.

Rory is a personal branding expert who made it to the world championship finals in public speaking at the ripe old age of 22.

Since then, he’s become a NYT Bestselling author and founded multiple 8-figure companies.

He also recently helped Amy with her massively successful book launch…

So she had him on her podcast to discuss his unique approach to personal branding.

If you’ve ever thought about building a personal brand…

Or have already started but feel like you’re spinning your wheels…

This interview will give you a ton of clarity on how to hone your message so you stand out.

Click here to give it a listen:

[LISTEN]: 549: Cut Through The Noise: How To Create a Unique Personal Brand With Rory Vaden

Tools We Love

Stop Taking Notes On Client Calls and Do This Instead

Forget Jasper, QuillBot, or ChatGPT… 

One of the most effective AI tools we’ve come across is a meeting assistant called Fireflies.*

Not only does it record a video of your meeting… 

It also creates a highly-accurate searchable written transcript…

Plus it generates a concise meeting summary so anyone who wasn’t on the call can quickly get up to speed on topics discussed and takeaways.

It’s been a huge time-saver for us, and our clients love it too.

Get started with a free Fireflies account today.*

Gig Alerts

Looking for clients? These freelance jobs were posted on Upwork in the last 24 hours:

NOTE: We only share job postings from Upwork. We’ve found it to be the most trustworthy platform with the highest-quality clients. 

Furthermore, job postings must be for high-income skills like copywriting, media buying, funnel building, graphic design, remote closing, etc in order to qualify.

Quote of the Day

“I have no desire to suffer twice, in reality and then in retrospect.”

— Sophocles

The worst case is never as bad as it seems.

If things go wrong, don’t agonize over what you could have done differently.

Extract the lesson, then move on.

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Tools of the Trade

Looking to upgrade your toolkit? Here are some of our favorite tools we use to powerful our freelance business:

  • ConvertKit — Email marketing for creators. Simple, easy to use, and very cost-effective.
  • Kinsta — Super fast website hosting trusted by 25,000+ small businesses.
  • Fireflies — AI note-taker that can record client calls + create searchable transcripts.
  • Krisp — Eliminates echoes and background noise on calls and meetings using AI.
  • Wise — Unbeatable rates on currency conversions. Saves you a ton of money if you’re an international freelancer.

* Some of these are affiliate links. This means we may receive a small commission if you sign up for a paid subscription (at no extra cost to you.)