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Mentioned in today’s edition: Meta, Amazon, TikTok, and IMDB. Plus perception hacking for fun & profit, why you should forget work/life balance and focus on this instead, and the surprisingly simple reason most paid ad campaigns lose money.

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Making the Rounds

  • Meta fined over $400M for serving personalized ads in the E.U. Ireland’s Data Protection Commission not only dropped a whopping 9-figure fine on Zuck and co., but then went one step further and said the company is breaking E.U. privacy laws by serving targeted ads based on online activity.
  • Amazon lays off 18,000 workers. Turns out a surging ad business isn’t enough to protect the king of ecommerce from a wider downturn in the economy. Amazon’s CEO Andy Jaffy announced they’re laying off a total of 18,000 employees in an internal memo, the biggest cut in company history.
  • TikTok launches new feature enabling TV and movie tagging directly in videos. The feature, powered by data from IMDB, lets users link up to 5 titles in a single video. Each link drives to a dedicated in-app page with movie info and a collection that links to the same title.

Working With Clients

Perception Hacking For Fun & Profit

Perception is everything.

And how prospects perceive you can make or break the deal.

Especially if you’re brand new and lacking credibility.

So here’s a simple tip to help position yourself as a real professional…

Set up a business email to communicate with clients.

Not only does this make you look more trustworthy…

But maintaining some separation between church and state (aka your personal and professional lives) can help you turn off when it’s time to stop working.

So, here’s how to get your business email set up:

That’s it!

Now if you wanna score some bonus points…

You can also set up a custom signature with a headshot and links to your social media profiles.

Either way, point is:

Highly-paid professionals use business emails.

So if you’re new to the game, don’t be afraid to make a small investment to look professional.

It’s low-risk and high-reward.

Working For Yourself

Forget Work/Life Balance and Focus On This Instead

We talk about work/life balance a lot here in the newsletter.

Because even though we’ve got (very) big plans for where we want to take this business… and are acutely aware of the many sacrifices this will take… 

It’s a top priority for all of us here at Gig HQ to make time for life aside from work.

We aren’t like some of the other entrepreneur types you’ve probably seen on social media… 

You know the ones — they get up at 5 AM, take cold showers, never drink alcohol, read 7 books a week, and are somehow *always* starting a new cycle of 75 Hard… 

And to be clear, no judgment from us — that’s just not our idea of living a fulfilling life.

It’s also why we wanted to share a powerful mindset shift we came across recently from 8-figure entrepreneur Keala Kanae…

Here it is:

Stop focusing on “work/life balance” and start focusing on “work/life integration.”

You see, the word “balance” implies your work and your life are at adds…

When really, they should be working in synergy to manifest all the things you want for yourself…

Like total control over your schedule and your income…

The ability to travel, take extended time off, and have lots of fun…

Not to mention the opportunity to work on things that excite you and give you purpose.

Labels are powerful.

So while it may feel like your work and your life ARE battling each other sometimes…

The next time these feelings resurface, try reframing this concept in your mind to focus on how one enables the other…

Instead of how one obstructs the other.

You can have your cake and eat it too!

From The Paid Ads Gig

The Surprisingly Simple Reason Why So Many Paid Ad Campaigns Lose Money

One of the most important acronyms in direct response marketing is L.O.C.

This stands for:

List, Offer, Copy.

It’s kinda like Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, except for selling stuff to strangers.

In this case, it’s a Hierarchy of Influence.

And while it originally came from direct mail…

Where marketers back in the day would rent lists of names to mail their promotions to…

The concept applies to paid ads too.

For example:

Butcher Box might have the greatest offer of all time and the world’s most brilliant ad to sell it…

But if they put those two things in front of a vegan audience, the response is gonna be crickets.

(or worse, lol)

That’s why the “list” is #1 in the Hierarchy of Influence.

And one aspect of nailing the list that many marketers tend to miss is…

Using negative keywords and custom audience exclusions to filter their traffic properly.

Negative keywords are strictly for search-based ad campaigns…

While custom audience exclusions can be used on almost all big advertising platforms.

But regardless of where you’re buying traffic, the principle is the same.

Keeping the wrong people OUT is just as important as getting the right people in.

So don’t forget to audit your negative keywords and exclusions on a regular basis…

Because it can often be the difference between a winning and losing campaign.

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