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Discussed in today’s edition: 4-day work weeks, Instagram, and Twitter. Plus how new freelancers can easily overcome this common objection, and one simple trick to sell anything to anyone.

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Making the Rounds

  • Survey finds 91% of senior managers support 4-day work week. Recruiting firm Robert Half found a majority of senior managers in Canada support a Monday-Thursday work week. Âľ of workers surveyed also said they’d agree to work four 10-hour days just to get Fridays off.
  • Instagram launches new Quiet Mode feature. Do random IG notifications sometimes lead to you spending 30 minutes watching giant panda Reels when you’re supposed to be working? If so, you’ll appreciate Instagram’s new Quiet Mode: when it’s activated, all notifications are paused and anyone who DMs you will get an automated reply to let them know you’re busy. 
  • Twitter planning to reduce ad frequency. CEO Elon Musk said over the weekend that “ads are too frequent on Twitter and too big,” with fixes for both supposedly coming soon.

Working With Clients

How New Freelancers Can Easily Overcome This Common Objection

“If your guarantee doesn’t scare you, it’s not strong enough.”

This is a quote typically applied to clients (i.e those selling products).

But there’s no reason it can’t be applied to selling freelance services.

Especially if you’re just starting out or struggling to get traction.

Here’s why:

Without a laundry list of wins or an established track record…

One of the biggest objections clients will have is trust.

How do they know you’re legit? And that you’ll actually deliver what they asked for, on time?

They don’t.

They’re rolling the dice.

This is why a guarantee can help seal the deal when you’re brand new.

There are two main ways to frame a guarantee:

1) Money-back

2) Satisfaction

A money-back guarantee means you’re willing to give their money back, depending on certain criteria.

Meanwhile, a satisfaction guarantee implies you’ll continue working on the project till they’re satisfied.

Our recommendation:

Open with a satisfaction guarantee (which usually means unlimited revisions), and only pull out the money-back guarantee for a client you REALLY want to land.

If it seems like a good fit, and you’re confident in your ability to deliver…

The chances you’ll have to do 25 rounds of revisions or give their money back should be super low.

Then, once you’ve racked up a few wins…

You can retire this tactic and let your track record do the talking.

From The Copywriting Gig

One Simple Trick to Sell Anything to Anyone

Readability is essential to copy that converts.

It needs to read fast…

Use simple words any 4th-grader could understand…

And flow smoothly — to both the eyes and the ears.

But ultimately, readability is only one aspect of crafting a written sales message that resonates.

Another is…

Using metaphors and analogies to simplify abstract concepts.

Think of metaphors and analogies like the language of influence.

For example…

When you compare starting a new business to planting a seed or building a house…

You’re talking in terms everyone can understand.

The reader doesn’t need to grasp every little detail of how your unique business-building method works…

Because they have a visceral (and visual) understanding of the analogy.

And by simplifying the concept…

You’re simplifying what they have to “buy in” on before making a purchase.

Something many copywriters underestimate.

So next time you’re writing a piece of sales copy…

Don’t forget to punch it up with a solid metaphor or analogy that your target audience can relate to.

And if you’re struggling to come up with powerful imagery, here’s a pro tip: 

Use ChatGPT or GPT-3 to put together a list of potential metaphors and analogies for you.

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Quote of the Day

“Fearlessness is like a muscle. I know from my own life that the more I exercise it the more natural it becomes to not let my fears run me.”

— Arianna Huffington