🍎 $16 billion reasons to hate Apple

Happy Thursday! Today’s a great day to remind yourself how lucky you are. Life is good 🙏

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Digital Marketing News

  • Apple’s privacy updates may cost Meta, YouTube, Snap, and Twitter up to $16 billion in lost revenue this year. Meta and Snap are projected to be the hardest hit, followed by YouTube and Twitter. Ouch. Something tells us Apple may get left off the social media Christmas card list this year.
  • Making money in the metaverse. Meta is experimenting with new ways to help creators monetize in Horizon Worlds, its Quest VR metaverse platform. Meta will reportedly take a 25% cut of all virtual items and effects sold by creators, on top of a “platform fee.”

  • Etsy sellers go on strike to protest price hike. Speaking of transaction fees, Etsy just raised theirs from 5% to 6.5%, and sellers are not impressed. More than 14,000 have gone on strike this week to protest the increase.

Working With Clients

Try This Simple Growth Hack to Get More Clients

Most freelancers tend to overcomplicate the process of getting clients.

So here’s a simple tip to try:

Once you’ve scored a big win for a new client and asked them for a video testimonial…

Ask them for a referral.

Keep it simple and straightforward by saying something like…

“Given how we’ve been able to [achieve client’s desired result], I wondered if you might know anyone else looking to [achieve desired result]. I’m looking to fill a spot on my client roster and I’d love to help someone in your network achieve similar results.”

That’s it.

You can also get creative and incentivize them by offering a discount, gift card, bonus, or referral fee. 

Bottom line is:

Referred clients are typically much higher-quality than those found via cold outreach or on freelancing platforms.

Plus, everyone likes to “have a guy.”

It allows us to build social capital by playing the connector.

So when it comes to finding new clients, you should always start with your existing client base.

Working For Yourself

Why Not All To-Do Lists Are Made Equal

To-do lists are probably our favorite productivity hack….

But they’re not all made equal.

That’s because the most effective to-do lists are written the night before.

If you want to hit the ground running first thing in the morning, you should already know what comes first, second, and third.

Otherwise, you’ll waste valuable energy and momentum trying to decide what to tackle first.

Plus, as an added bonus, you’ll sleep better too.

Tools We Love

We’re Pretty Sure You Deserve a Raise

If you’re an international freelancer, getting paid in USD is great…

… Until you actually convert it into your own currency.

Traditional solutions like PayPal (or god forbid, your own bank) will make you pay out the nose to convert USD into your local currency.

That’s why we use Wise (formerly TransferWise). 

Not only do they give you a much better rate than PayPal on currency conversions, but they also give you a local USD bank account so you can get paid via bank transfer instead of a wire.

Open a free account today and start keeping more of your hard-earned money for yourself.

Quote of the Day

“I am not a product of my circumstances. I am a product of my decisions.”

Stephen Covey